2020 Football Playoff Brackets Released

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684 High School Football Teams prepare for first round of playoffs October 9th and 10th. (See schedule involving local teams below)

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio High School Athletic Association has announced the regional brackets for the football playoffs Thursday, which currently include 648 schools that will take part in the 2020 postseason. 

The brackets and other playoff information are posted at: https://www.ohsaa.org/Sports-Tournaments/Football/Football-2020/2020-OHSAA-Football-Playoffs-Coverage

In a normal season, 224 schools qualify for the playoffs, with eight schools from each of 28 regions earning a bid through the OHSAA’s Harbin computer ratings system, which will not be used this season. However, this season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the playoffs will begin in Week 7 (Oct. 9-10) and all teams could opt in.


The OHSAA will send playoff ticketing guidelines and information to schools on Friday and will meet virtually with all playoff schools on Monday morning to discuss. According the latest order from the Ohio Department of Health and the Governor, only 15 percent of the stadium’s permanent seating capacity are permitted to attend games, unless the site has been approved for a variance by the Ohio Department of Health. Note that the home team can have its band in attendance for its games, while both teams can have cheerleaders.

All playoff tickets will be sold online through www.OHSAA.org/tickets and will be available starting Tuesday, October 6.


Earlier this week, the head coaches in each region voted to determine the seeding in their region. On Thursday, the OHSAA placed teams on brackets according to the seeds. Many of the higher seeds will have a first-round bye in most regions.

Divisions, I, II, III and VII will play on Friday nights. Divisions IV, V and VI will play on Saturday nights. All games kick off at 7 p.m.

For each game through at least the regional semifinals, the higher seeded team will have the first opportunity to host the game. If the higher seeded team cannot host, the other team will host the game. The OHSAA will determine sites for the regional finals, state semifinals and state championships. If a team is unable to play a playoff game on the assigned day according to the bracket, its opponent will advance on the bracket. 

Schools eliminated from the OHSAA playoffs or that chose not to enter the playoffs have the option to schedule additional regular season contests through Saturday, November 14 (maximum of 10 regular season contests permitted).


The Division I state championship game will be played Friday, November 13. The specific dates and times for the state championship games in Divisions II through VII will be announced at a later date, but will be played within the November 19-22 date range. Sites will be announced at a later date, as well, but it is unlikely that all seven games will be played at the same venue. There will be no state championship games that happen simultaneously, as each game will have its own time slot.

Football Playoff Games for Local Teams, All kickoffs, 7pm:

Friday October 9th


Region 8:

Briggs at Teays Valley, winner travels to play Cincinnati Anderson 10/16


Region 11:

Miami Trace at Chillicothe, winner travels to play London 10/16

Saturday October 10th


Region 15:

Circleville at New Concord John Glenn, winner plays winner of Warren vs Columbus East 10/17

Union Local vs Vinton County, winner travels to Gallia Academy 10/17

Lakewood at Logan Elm, winner travels to Licking Valley 10/17

Region 16:

Thurgood Marshall at Washington CH, winner travels to Clinton-Massie 10/17

Hillsboro at Unioto, winner travels to Cincinnati McNicholas 10/17

McClain at Milton-Union, winner travels to Valley View 10/17

Shroder at Norwood, winner travels to Waverly 10/17


Region 19:

Westfall at New Lexington, winner travels to Ironton 10/17

South Point at Wellston, winner plays winner of Johnstown-Monroe vs Utica 10/17

Zane Trace at Coshocton, winner travels to Columbus Academy 10/17

Piketon at Minford, winner travels to Harvest Prep 10/17

Meigs at Oak Hill, winner travels to Ridgewood 10/17

Morgan at Amanda Clearcreek, winner travels to Liberty Union 10/17

Chesapeake at Portsmouth West, winner travels to Wheelersburg 10/17

Portsmouth at Northwest, winner travels to Columbus Ready 10/17

Region 23:

Northridge at Lucasville Valley, winner travels to Worthington Christian 10/17

Southeastern at Symmes Valley, winner travels to Nelsonville-York 10/17  

Region 24:

Jamestown Greenview at Paint Valley 10/17

Parkway at Elmwood Place, winner travels to Adena 10/17


Region 27:

Zanesville Rosecrans at Berne Union, winner travels to Eastern Pike 10/17

Ron Meyers Appointed Chillicothe Police Chief

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Captain Ron Meyers will be sworn in as Chillicothe’s Chief of Police October 5th.

A statement by Chillicothe City Service Director Jeffrey Carman released on the City of Chillicothe Facebook Page Thursday.

Media release regarding the swearing in of the new Chief of Police for the Chillicothe Police Department.

Posted by City of Chillicothe, Ohio on Thursday, October 1, 2020

Chief Meyers, a 24 year veteran of the Chillicothe Police Department, fills the vacancy left by the retirement of Keith Washburn in May of 2020.

COVID-19 Update: September Numbers for 10 County Region

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Litter Media has been tracking numbers from the Ohio Coronavirus Dashboard since March.

This report is a culmination of the daily dashboard reports for the 10 county region of Fairfield, Fayette, Highland, Hocking, Jackson, Pickaway, Pike, Ross, Scioto and Vinton Counties for the month of September 2020.

New Cases: 1,335; Presumed Recoveries: 1,300; Hospitalizations: 120; Deaths: 42

FAIRFIELD: 451 cases, 449 recoveries, 33 Hospitalizations, 14 deaths.

FAYETTE:  56 cases, 80 recoveries, 9 Hospitalizations, 1 death.

HIGHLAND: 50 cases, 38 recoveries, 2 Hospitalizations, 0 deaths.

HOCKING: 33 cases, 31 recoveries, 0 Hospitalizations, 0 deaths.

JACKSON: 105 cases, 114 recoveries, 11 Hospitalizations, 6 deaths.

PICKAWAY: 134 cases, 119 recoveries, 7 Hospitalizations, 2 deaths.

PIKE: 95 cases, 45 recoveries, 6 Hospitalizations, 0 deaths.

ROSS: 219 cases, 271 recoveries, 35 Hospitalizations, 14 deaths.

SCIOTO: 182 cases, 142 recoveries, 16 Hospitalizations, 4 deaths.

VINTON: 10 cases, 11 recoveries, 1 Hospitalization, 1 death.

Statewide as of 2pm ET Thursday, October 1, 2020 (difference since Wednesday at 2pm ET): Ohio has 155,314 (+1,327) total COVID-19 cases with 134,216 (+1,236) presumed recoveries, 15,606 (+90) hospitalizations and 4,817 (+13) virus related deaths.

October begins with this report of cases by county in the Scioto Valley Region since the count began in March 2020. Each county has its associated color code and level from the Ohio Public Health Advisory System Map. (Data compares Wednesday’s 9/30/2020 report with Thursday’s 10/1/2020 from the State’s COVID-19 dashboard which show 68 new cases in the 10 county region over the last 24 hours, the most being in Ross County (+20), Fairfield County (+19) and Fayette County (+11), with one new death reported in Highland County (4). )

FAIRFIELD, (ORANGE/Level 2): 2,194 cases (+19), 1,925 recoveries (+15), 172 Hospitalizations (+1), 54 deaths (+0).

FAYETTE, (ORANGE/Level 2): 256 cases (+11), 211 recoveries (+1), 30 Hospitalizations (+0), 6 deaths (+0).

HIGHLAND, (YELLOW/Level 1): 237 cases (+3), 207 recoveries (+0), 27 Hospitalizations (+1), 4 deaths (+1).

HOCKING, (YELLOW/Level 1): 170 cases (+0), 147 recoveries (+0), 24 Hospitalizations (+0), 9 deaths (+0).

JACKSON, (ORANGE/Level 2): 278 cases (+3), 193 recoveries (+0), 29 Hospitalizations (+0), 7 deaths (+0).

PICKAWAY, (YELLOW/Level 1): 2,692 cases (+0), 2,494 recoveries (+2), 106 Hospitalizations (+0), 45 deaths (+0).

PIKE, (RED/Level 3): 210 cases (+4), 127 recoveries (+2), 18 Hospitalizations (+0), 0 deaths.

ROSS, (ORANGE/Level 2): 934 cases (+20), 803 recoveries (+5), 131 Hospitalizations (+1), 27 deaths (+0).

SCIOTO, (RED/Level 3): 547 cases (+8), 417 recoveries (+7), 55 Hospitalizations (-1), 7 deaths (+0).

VINTON, (YELLOW/Level 1): 48 cases (+0), 41 recoveries (+0), 10 Hospitalizations (+0), 3 deaths (+0) 

REPORTED ACTIVE CASES: (Note: Ross County Health District does not include active cases in its reporting.) There are 498 active cases reported by the counties from their social media postings this week. The date reported is in parentheses.

FAIRFIELD: 249 (10/1)

FAYETTE: 35 (10/1)

HIGHLAND: 21 (9/30)

HOCKING: 14 (10/1)

JACKSON: 38 (10/1)

PICKAWAY: 18 (10/1)

PIKE: 37 (9/30)

ROSS: No Report

SCIOTO: 84 (9/30)

VINTON: 2 (9/29)