Majestic Theater ReOpens After Pandemic Hiatus

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Chillicothe, OH – The Majestic Theatre reopened its doors to patrons after a nearly one-year hiatus due to the on-going pandemic. Although COVID-19 restrictions reduced each showing to 15% of capacity of the 500+ seat theatre, the Valentine’s Day weekend offered nearly 225 patrons the chance to see “Holler.” The film, written and directed by Jackson, Ohio native, Nicole Riegel. Ms. Riegel opened each screening with an introduction to the film, giving audiences a little more insight into the story and the filmmaking.

“Holler” is beautifully summed up by Dr. Tony Vinci (Ohio University-Chillicothe) as written in the program distributed to patrons. “The film accurately and sensitively reflects the realities many young women face in Southern Ohio, but it accomplishes much more than that. It documents a world that is both mythic and intimate, both delicate and brutal, and it does so through an uncanny marriage of elegance, intelligence, and grit found almost exclusively in the work of working-class artists. As Holler suggests, there is a rare and valuable point of view forged in the forgotten places of the world, a form of intellect and creativity cultivated not primarily by affluence and education but by vulnerability and need.”

Although the film was screened at the historic theatre with ticket sales benefitting the pandemic- shuttered, Majestic Theatre, it took several community members to bring it to fruition. Curt McAllister (C.P. Management Co.) and Dr. Tony Vinci played major roles in coordinating this special opportunity for the community. Additionally, the screening produced an opportunity for several OUC students to meet Nicole Riegel and participate in a discussion along with a question- and-answer session.

Beyond the inspirational impact of the story, Ms. Riegel and production team allowed the Majestic Theatre to benefit wholly from the ticket sales. This event generated $4,500 through ticket sales, and a generous gift of $2,500 from C.P. Management Company in support of “Holler.” The $7,000 financial impact has given the Majestic Theatre the funds needed to operate and continue efforts to fully reopen.

The Valentine’s Day weekend screenings was the first public showing in southern Ohio; however, the film has been shown to audiences around the globe at prestigious film festivals. “Holler” has been nominated and won awards through the film festivals and will soon be released through IFC Films this summer.

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  1. This movie isn’t very accurate and to say it’s reflective of the area is simply false. We may have poverty but the youth have every support you can think of. We can’t give help away to the young people around here. We try but most are unwilling to take advantage. To say a person living in poverty around here doesn’t have anyone believing in them is just false. It’s a Hollywood mythical depiction of the area. Just like Knockemstiff is or was some rough and rowdy place. Young people around this area has more support than most and definitely more than any person living here any time in the past. Supporting youth in Ross County is a cottage industry. We have programs that pays rent, pays them to go to class and will continue to do so as long as they are trying to better themselves be it HS, GED or post high school.

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