Basketball Great Jerry Lucas Talks About His Ideas To Make Education Better

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When you say the name Jerry Lucas, most Ohioans over age 30 know about his exploits of being one of the greatest basketball players in history. But, many people might not realize he has been working on a plan for almost a half-century that he believes will revolutionize the way children learn in school. A way that he says is easier and will help every child remember what they have been taught.

He says the place of greatest emphasis is needed. in grades K-6.

Lucas is one of a few people to ever win a state basketball championship, national collegiate. title, Olympic Gold Medal, and an NBA World Championship.

But he says more than half his life has been to look at ways we teach, they way children learn, and see if his program to help people remember what they learn, can be put into play in institutional learning.

Lucas talked about some of that plan to the Chillicothe Noon Rotary Club Luncheon on Monday, and says he has been meeting with teachers and education leaders about his plan. He said a “major announcement (about his plan) could be coming within the next few months.”

Watch Mike Smith’s interview with Jerry Lucas and this plan and where he currently calls home. (CLICK ARROW BELOW FOR THE INTERVIEW)

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