Internet Safety Expert Discusses How Parents Can Protect Their Children From Predators On The Internet

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An expert on internet safety for children sat down with Litter Media Special Edition in December to discuss this danger and its all too easy access on any smart phone and computer.

Jesse Weinberger is a nationally known author, speaker and podcaster that travels the world lecturing on the dangers children face as they are being exposed to pornography, sex trafficking and other dangers immediately through their own smartphones and computers.

Weinberger spoke to Paint Valley School students on December 6th and will return for a January 12th community event at Paint Valley High School Gymnasium, between 6pm-8pm. The January 12th free event is open to the community, regardless of what school district you live in. Due to content being discussed and shown, the presentation will be open to adults only.

Presentation highlights that Jesse Weinberger will share with the January 12th audience include:
*Value vs risk of tech use
*Parental complicity
*Mental health impact
*Cyberbullying, sexting, sexual predation
*Popular apps explained
*Extreme content & gaming
*How to monitor, supervise & consequence

To see Mike Smith’s Litter Media Special Edition interview with Jesse Weinberger, CLICK HERE OR THE IMAGE BELOW)

(Jesse Weinberger appearance on Litter Media Special Edition)

Weinberger has over 15 years of speaking experience at school districts all over the United States, with a particular skill of reaching audiences with the combination of humor and deep expertise in technology and digital content.

Jessie Weinberger is the host of the podcast Big Mama’s House and is the author of The Boogeyman Exists: And He’s in Your Child’s Back Pocket.

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