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U.S. D.O.E. Extends Contract With Fluor-BWXT

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(Portsmouth) — The Fluor Corporation has announced a contract extension with the U.S. Department of Energy for its current decontamination and decommissioning work at the former Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant (GDP) in Piketon.

According to a press release, the reimbursable contract is executed by Fluor-BWXT Portsmouth LLC, a Fluor-led partnership, together with BWX Technologies, Inc., and Jacobs.

The extension includes an additional 12 months with two additional 6-month options and is valued at up to $690 million including options.

The scope of the project includes the continued deactivation, demolition and disposal of selected site facilities, process equipment, related process buildings, and other ancillary facilities as well as continuing environmental remediation, uranium stewardship and community outreach programs.

“In partnership with the DOE, the Fluor team has done a tremendous job at delivering on the important decontamination and decommissioning work that is well under way at Portsmouth,” said Tom D’Agostino, president of Fluor’s Mission Solutions business. “We have been working at Portsmouth for 10 years and this extension provides a continuity of service crucial for the site and the DOE as the project moves into the next phase of demolition and waste placement. We look forward to maintaining our momentum and working collaboratively with the DOE and the community.”

The DOE Portsmouth site is a 3,700-acre federal reservation located in southern Ohio. It was built in the early 1950s by the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission as part of the nation’s nuclear weapons complex producing enriched uranium from 1954 until 2001.

Mystery Dinner Theatre Returns To Adena Mansion & Gardens

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(CHILLICOTHE) – Adena Mansion and Gardens will once again become the place to hone your skills as a rookie crime solver in an entertaining atmosphere filled with great food and a mystery. This year’s mystery, “Attempted Murder” is an all-new original production written and directed by Delmar Burkitt.

The event will be September 10th-12th.

The grounds open at 5:15pm and the mystery will begin at 6:00pm. After you gather your clues, dinner will follow at approximately 7:00pm. Tickets are available at $50 per person for AMGS members and $55 for non-members. Admission includes both the mystery and the dinner. Prizes will be awarded each evening at the conclusion of the program.

Tickets will go on sale July 5, 2021 and can be purchased online at, or in person at 847 Adena Road, Chillicothe. Seating is limited and reservations are required. Payment secures your reservation and may be made by cash, check or credit card.

Adena Mansion was the home of Ohio’s sixth governor, Thomas Worthington. Adena Mansion and Garden Society manages the site on behalf of the Ohio Historical Society. Adena is located at the south end of Adena Road, off Pleasant Valley Road, which is the first road off State Route 104, just north of the US 35 interchange at the north edge of Chillicothe.

For more information, please call 740-772-1500, email, or visit

17 Year Periodical Cicada Due To Emerge This Spring

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2021 is the year for the next appearance of the 17 Year Periodical Cicada.

Massive brood emergence, usually in May and early June, is believed to overwhelm predators, typically birds. This ensures that enough survivors will be left behind to reproduce. Male cicadas are capable of making a loud buzzing noise, and they squawk when disturbed. The males often synchronize their buzzing in trees. Within each brood there are four or more species. Each species has a different call. It is believed that such droning and squawking is effective in deterring predators.

Annual cicadas usually emerge from June through August. Their emergence is scattered over this time, and they rarely emerge in noticeable numbers. Annual cicada males also sing to attract females. The cicada killer wasp often captures these insects to provision its nest in the ground.

Periodical Cicada Brood Map (Courtesy of OSU.EDU)

Periodical cicadas damage trees above and below ground. The most obvious damage is that caused by egg-laying in small twigs. This damage causes twigs to split, wither and die, causing a symptom called “flagging.” Flagging is especially serious on young plants (four years or younger) because more of the branches are of the preferred size for oviposition, ¼- to ½-inch in diameter. Some of the more favored trees for oviposition include maple, oak, hickory, beech, ash, dogwood, hawthorn, magnolia, willow, apple, peach, cherry and pear. Flowers, vines and shrubs include Rose of Sharon, rose, raspberry, grape, black-eyed Susan, hollies, spirea, rhododendron, viburnum, junipers and arborvitae. More than 270 species of plants have been noted as hosts for egg-laying periodical cicadas.

For more information on this year’s cicada emergence in the region, go to our link to the Ohio State University College Of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences website. CLICK HERE…

Earth Gathering Planned For Chillicothe

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Plans have been set for the 21st Annual Earth Gathering in Chillicothe’s Yoctangee Park, for April 24th.

The event is described by organizers as having “Earth-friendly art, music, food, products and ideas.”

The Earth Gathering will take place on the lawn of the Pump House Center Center For The Arts between 11am-6pm on Saturday, April 24th.

In case of rain, it would be held on Sunday, April 25th.