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April Is Ohio Native Plant Month

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COLUMBUS, Ohio – New plant life blossoms each spring and paints Ohio’s stunning landscapes with lively shades of green. This flush of renewal is perfectly timed to mark the state’s second Native Plant Month beginning April 1.
“Using native trees, shrubs, and flowers in our landscaping provides an unbeatable aesthetic and connects us with the natural world on a deeper level,” said Jeff Johnson, Chief of the ODNR Division of Natural Areas and Preserves. “From birds and butterflies to beetles and bees, native plants create a healthier and more biodiverse ecosystem that is often missing in urban areas.”
First celebrated last year, Ohio was one of the first states in the nation to dedicate an entire month to the celebration of native plants. This month, ODNR will highlight the importance and diversity of native plants on the agency’s website and social media channels. Watch for native wildflower features every day and special posts for Arbor Day and Earth Day.

                           Pink lady’s slipper                              Yellow trout lily

ODNR is also sharing the Spring Wildflower Bloom Report every Friday into mid-May. These weekly reports contain the most up-to-date information about what’s in bloom and where Ohioans can find different species throughout the state. Ohioans can document and share their own finds and post to social media using the hashtag #OhioWildflowers. ODNR’s brand new checklist to Ohio’s spring wildflowers is also available for use.
Anyone interested in native plants can follow ODNR’s celebration of Native Plant Month on Facebook (both the ODNR and Division of Natural Areas and Preserves pages), TwitterInstagram, and at

Flowers Along US 23

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The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) has used wildflowers as pollinators along grassy areas throughout the state for years.

One such stretch is the former weigh station areas on US 23 near Ohio 159 north of Chillicothe in Ross County.

In a recent update of The Loop from ODOT’s media division, the pollinators not only help the environment, but also save taxpayers in mowing costs.

See more flowers on the Litter Media Facebook page below.

From the Litter Media Cameras: Wildflowers the former weigh station areas on US 23 near Ohio 159 north of Chillicothe in…

Posted by Litter Media on Friday, July 3, 2020

Insect Hijacks Photo Session

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As I was getting out of the car at work today, I saw these pretty flowers reaching out from the bushes.

While snapping a simple photo of the blooms, another subject entered into the photo… It then became a full photo session.

I’m partial to Photo 7, but like Photos 5 & 6, too. Which is your favorite?

(I honestly heard the voice of Bob Ross “And let’s add this little friend over here. There… that’s better.”) — Dan Ramey, Litter Media

From the Litter Media Cameras: What began as a photo of a pretty flower, got more interesting as someone enters into the…

Posted by Litter Media on Wednesday, July 1, 2020