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Goodwill Teams With Scouts For Good Turn Day

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Scouts across Ohio will be teaming with Goodwill Industries for the Spring Good Turn Day on March 20th.

All nine of Goodwill of South Central Ohio stores will participate in the annual event. Good Turn Day is an opportunity for Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts to do a “good turn” in their community by collecting used clothing, housewares and books to donate to Goodwill.

“We’re excited to participate in Good Turn Day again, and we appreciate what the Scouts do for Goodwill”, said Goodwill of South Central Ohio CEO Marvin Jones . “The scouts efforts will help Goodwill with its mission as a nonprofit organization to partner with individuals with disabilities and challenges to help them lead the lives they envision across our 8-county region.”

Stores in the region have awarded about 400 patches over the last four Good Turn Days. Scouts earn a patch by donating a large trash bag of items or volunteering for an hour in one of the stores.

Limited volunteering will be available at the stores on March 20th except the McArthur store and Zane Plaza store in Chillicothe.

Scouts wanting to volunteer must schedule a time by emailing or by calling (740) 702-4000- extension 135 no later than March 18th.

Donations for Good Turn Day can be dropped off anytime during business hours March 20th at stores in Athens, Chillicothe, Circleville, Jackson, Logan, McArthur, Washington CH and Waverly and at their donation center in South Bloomfield.

Two Chillicothe Police Officers To Receive Silver Star Award For Saving Infant

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Chillicothe Police Officers Jonathan Dunham and Terry Brown will receive the award during a 2:00 P.M. ceremony February 19th at the Chillicothe/Ross Law Complex.

Both officers are being honored for their life-saving incident involving a three-week-old infant who was not breathing, when they arrived at a vehicle parked in front of the Olive Garden Restaurant just before noon on December 31st of 2020.

The officers found that the child was not breathing, which led Officer Dunham to pick up the infant, placing him into the rear of Officer Brown’s police cruiser, where Brown drove the child to the hospital emergency room as Officer Dunham performed CPR. Hospital E.R. staff took over upon the cruiser’s arrival at the hospital and the infant survived.

Chillicothe Police Captain Michael A.D. Short stated in a press release that the actions of both Officer Dunham and Officer Brown “Demonstrated extraordinary heroism in performing life-saving measures and without delay transporting a three-week-old infant, who was not breathing to the emergency room. Their actions gave this infant the best chance for survival and exemplified what it means to be a Police Officer.”

Ross Community Action Opens Emergency Shelter

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To prepare for the first major cold snap of the winter, Ross Community Action has opened their emergency shelter at 400 East Seventh Street in Chillicothe.

The shelter will be open beginning at 8:00 P.M. starting February 8th, with the shelter open between 8:00 P.M. and 9:00 A.M. each day, with entry only allowed between 8pm-10pm.

Free transportation to the shelter is being offered to individuals needing shelter from extreme cold temperatures. The forecast shows the Scioto Valley could be in for single digits overnight, later this week.

Transportation will be available to the shelter between February 8th and March 31st, with walk-ins also allowed between 8pm-10pm.

Pick up times for those needing transportation to the shelter will be between 8:00 P.M.-9:00 P.M. at the following locations:

Ross County Community Center at 300 East Second Street by 8pm,

Yoctangee Park Lion’s Club Shelter by 8:30pm,

Valero Station at 520 South Paint Street by 8pm,

Behind Centerpoint Church at 144 Consumer Drive by 8pm,

The vacant lot behind Holiday Inn at 1005 East Main Street by 8pm,

Behind Japanese Steakhouse/Odd Lots at North Bridge Street by 8:30pm.

Transportation will also be available back to these locations from the shelter between 7:00 A.M. and 9:00 A.M. the following days.

The shelter will provide light snacks, access to resources and shower availability. Large carts are not permitted and all items must be secured. Only trained service animals are permitted on bus.

For shelter questions, call (740) 702-7222.

Remembering Dave Smith, Local Broadcaster-Station Owner

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(Editor’s note: Litter Media’s Dan Ramey worked for Smith from 1983-1988)

Dave Smith, long time owner of WFCB and later WCHI, passed away Wednesday afternoon following an extended illness. Smith was 76.Smith arrived in the First Capital in 1983 moving from his native Fostoria, Ohio where he began his career with WFOB. He would also later acquire the station where he worked as a teenager.  Smith was more than an owner, he was also a trained engineer and performed duties as a Chief Engineer in Toledo and was known to assist numerous other Ohio stations with his technical expertise. Bob Neal spent a good number of years working for Smith right out college in the 1980s until the stations sold in late 1999.“

Dave was courageous moving his family to Chillicothe” Neal told Litter Media. “Dave was an innovator developing a hyper local business model before anyone used the term in the industry. Dave devoted hours of airtime publicizing dozens of charities and was a true humanitarian. All this made Dave truly inspirational to me and countless others.”

Litter Media’s Dan Ramey was part of the staff Smith inherited when he purchased WFCB in ’83. “Dave created a family atmosphere for all who worked for he and Annette” Ramey said in a posting on Facebook. “For those who only know me through Cavalier Sports, Dave was the one who gave me the opportunity to become the Voice of the Cavaliers. I was small part of the broadcast team in 1982, but when Dave arrived in 1983, he turned me loose and it changed my life forever. He didn’t hold me back when I told him I was entertaining a job from Sunny 95 and rooted for me as my career appeared to be taking off to new heights.”

Smith’s station made its greatest stride in popularity when morning man Chip Arledge, aka The Rotund One, began a petition drive to bring rocker John Mellencamp to Chillicothe. The drive began in 1986 and Arledge’s campaign was rewarded in December of 1987 when Mellencamp performed two free shows at OU-Chillicothe’s Shoemaker Center. As an added bonus, toys were collected for local children’s charities. The event launched Arledge’s career to points beyond Chillicothe. 

“Over the years, I had a chance to work with Dave in several markets outside of Chillicothe” Arledge told Litter Media. “I can honestly tell you that every one of those markets benefitted from Dave being involved in its radio landscape. I loved him like an older brother and will miss him more than I miss being ten years old.”  

As corporate ownership began to consume radio stations in smaller markets, the focus has drifted from what many remember as local radio with the “mom and pop” style portrayed by Smith.

Buzz Perri, a 1980s Chillicothe transplant from New York City, was given a chance to operate a Saturday night show called “The Lazer’s Edge”. He recounts “Saturday nights was anything goes. Dave and Chip gave me a break. ‘Keep it clean, Buzz, keep it clean.’ Words I’ll always remember.”

Ty Tatman commented on Ramey’s Facebook post “Local small town radio was pretty amazing in the environment Dave created and nurtured here” Tatman wrote. “He was a great fella.”

Ramey adds “Smith was a fan of local music. If he and Annette weren’t at The Cross Keys for the Goosetown Astonishers, they were at The Dock at Water for live music.” 

Smith was predeceased by his loving wife Annette in August of 2019. First Presbyterian Church will host a public memorial service for Dave on Monday, February 8, 2021 at 6:00 pm, streaming on First Presbyterian’s Facebook and YouTube Channels. 


Local Educator Gives TED Talk

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An area instructor who refers to himself as a “functional nerd” is proving how a small community native can grow into a well-known educator and inventor.

Paint Valley High School graduate Josh Montgomery gave a TED Talk at the TEDx Dayton Stage late last fall, which recently was made available online.

The former Chillicothe City Schools Technology Coordinator of 14 years, was one of 50 people to interview for the TED Talk out of over 300 people to apply, last May.

Montgomery was selected to give his talk in Dayton, Ohio last November concerning his construction of the Star Wars’ robot R2D2 in his basement five years ago.

The response of the TED Talk has been “good” according to Montgomery, saying many of the builder clubs have messaged him and said much of that has been “cool” to experience. He added that he hopes this will build enthusiasm for many others in the education world to attempt similar projects.
Mentors that Montgomery says he had taught coming up the ranks have taught him how to be a visionary in his field of interest. He pointed to instructors Regina Ferguson and Dennis Griffith at Southern State along with former Chillicothe City Schools Superintendent Jon Saxton. 

“Jon Saxton was pinnacle to making me be a teacher. It wasn’t something I loved at the beginning of the process and I would have probably left if it wasn’t for Jon.”  He said Saxton told him “Hold on, you need to stay the course here, this is going to be a dream job for you”.

Josh says this journey has helped him to get students more engaged in the process of how to build projects like this and how to convey the message that education can “be fun”. He uses his educational enthusiasm in the classroom as the Associate Professor of Computer Science at Southern State Community College.   

He added that these types of skills in the classroom can also be useful for students who later are putting a job resume together.

Now as an instructor, Montgomery says “I don’t want to push someone to do an assignment, I want them to be excited about building this or designing this or programming this, I get my energy from that as well and then if it is a Saturday and we got to work, then they are excited about it- lets go make this happen.”  

Prior to his TED Talk fame, Josh was making news for producing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) face masks on 3D printers for medical health care workers during the COVD-19 pandemic.

A Visit with “Our Town” Producer Evan Shaw

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Evan Shaw has 14 Emmy Awards to his credit for producing documentaries for Ohio University’s WOUB. His team is working on its next feature, Our Town: Chillicothe.


Shaw, a native of Meigs County, has embraced his Appalachian roots and has been telling the stories of its communities including Athens, Jackson, Morgan County and most recently Gallipolis.

The Chillicothe feature is set for release in the fall of 2021.

Shaw says the features stretch from 300,000 years ago up to today. He jokingly notes Chillicothe is so rich with history, it’ll be tough to fit it all into an hour-long film.

“When the Adena were building their mounds, Alexander the Great was getting ready to conquer Egypt” said Shaw. “It’s that long ago. It’s hard to put that into perspective of American History… because we’re so tuned into European or Eastern History. But this has been a special place for literally thousands of years, and it’s absolutely fascinating.”

Shaw is in search of old photos and home movies for the production. You can reach the production team through Facebook, search Our Town WOUB or by email,

Barb Jividen Talks About “MOM: In the Dictionary Between Laughter and Noise”

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Barb and Jerry Jividen are finally seeing an 18 year journey come to fruition. Last spring, “MOM” was to be released in time for Mother’s Day.

The pandemic pushed the release date back to November, 2020. If not for the pandemic, the book may never had materialized.

Jividen tells Litter Media she had written the manuscript in 2002 and when publishers were hesitant to give the book a chance, she placed the manuscript in a drawer at their home. While doing a remodeling project during the pandemic, she rediscovered the manuscript and still had the photos planned for the book. With the extra time on their hands, the Jividens brought the book back to life with a new outlook.

The book is available through and other online bookstores, as well as Chillicothe’s Wheatberry Books at 9 West Second Street and

Safely Celebrating Halloween in 2020

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The Ohio Department of Health and the CDC have prepared recommended best practices for those wishes to celebrate Halloween this month.

While some communities will host beggar’s night activities, some will host trunk-or-treating.

The ODH strongly recommends canceling hayrides, haunted houses and trunk-or-treating  events. Of course, seek guidance for your local health department. 


City of Chillicothe and Ross County villages/townships will conduct trick or treat on Thursday, October 29th from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. 🎃🎃🎃

Posted by Chillicothe Police Department on Friday, October 9, 2020

Camp Dream: Goodwill, Pioneer Center & Ross County Park District Team Together

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As summer plans fell apart for many this summer, Goodwill, the Pioneer Center, and the Ross County Park District came together to develop a new plan – Camp Dream.

Plans for the two-week social distancing camp began after Pioneer’s Services and Support Director Laura Martin reached out to Goodwill of South Central Ohio’s Missions Coordinator Cana Horner.

“The Pioneer Center wanted to find a way to bring summer enrichment back to children in the new normal we found ourselves in. Our community partnerships were more important than ever, and we knew this would be somewhat of a challenge, but a challenge Goodwill accepted with enthusiasm and determination,” Martin said.

Horner said her staff quickly sprang into action along with Pioneer to develop a robust itinerary for campers which included fun, exercise, and education. The Ross County Park District also jumped on board to help, providing not only the location at Buzzard’s Roost Nature Preserve, but providing staff to help with nature-based activities.

“Every detail was carefully thought out from establishing small enrollment numbers, the outdoor location, temperature checks and more. Camp Dream offered a wide range of activities built specifically with safety in mind and Goodwill went above and beyond to provide each camper with a sense of leadership, the joys of navigating nature, and in making new friends,” Martin said.

The camp, which began on July 27 and runs through Aug. 7, had 10 teen campers sign up and was supervised daily by staff from Goodwill’s Activities and Training Centers. Goodwill’s workforce development team also lent a hand and Horner taught a class on hygiene where campers made a dog with a bar of soap and a washcloth.

“I really enjoyed having the opportunity to interact with the kids and teach them something while also having fun,” Horner said. “If we get enough interest next year, I’m hopeful we may be able to do the camp again.”

Other presenters throughout camp included: Judi Mannion, Ross County Litter Control and Recycling director; Kathy Smith, Ross County Board of DD MUI coordinator; Kelly Stauffer, owner of Chillicothe Fine Arts; Allison Shoemaker, Ross County Board of DD disabilities advocate; Dana Letts, Chillicothe City Schools STEM coordinator; Myranda Vance and Allen Hawk, Ross County Park District; Brittany Freeman, ‘Leave No Trace’ educator; Andrea Gayheart, nail technician at The Guest House Spa in Washington C.H.; Capt. Ron Meyers, Chillicothe Police Department; Tricia Wallace, Ross County Board of DD recreation director; Heather Clark, Goodwill board member; and Roger Bellar.

Goodwill of South Central Ohio is a nonprofit organization focused on improving the quality of life and job opportunities for those with disabilities and disadvantages across our eight-county region. Donations and purchases made at our stores help to support these services in Pickaway, Ross, Hocking, Fayette, Pike, Athens, Vinton, and Jackson counties.

For more information on Goodwill, go online to and follow them on Facebook.

Eian Davidson concentrates during an activity at Camp Dream. Photo provided by Goodwill
Camp Dream. Photo provided by Goodwill

Majestic Theater Fundraising Campaign Continues

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The Majestic Theater has been closed for events since the COVID-19 pandemic began in March of 2020. It has been long billed as “America’s oldest operating theater”.

Earlier this year, a donor pledged $7,500 to match monies raised to help the theater during its closure. In a release by the Majestic Thursday, the board says $5,780 has been raised so far.

To make a donation by check, mail to Majestic Theater, 230 N. Plaza Blvd., Chillicothe, Ohio 45601 or online, CLICK HERE.

Learn more at the Majestic Theater’s website.