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Ross County’s Roundabouts Are Progressing

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Last May, Litter Media reported there are nearly 200 roundabouts in the Ohio.

Travelers of Ohio 159 north of Chillicothe have maneuvered through the construction of two of the newest, the connection of the 159/207 and about a quarter mile north at 150 and 180 at Kinnikinnick. Work should be completed by the end of September/early October 2020.

Studies show roundabouts achieve a 44% reduction in all crashes and a 72-87% reduction in fatal injury crashes when converting a two way stop intersection into a roundabout. READ MORE FROM ODOT

Circleville installed a roundabout near the east entrance of high school campus in 2014. Jackson has a roundabout at McCarty Lane and Acy Avenue just west of US 35 and another near Ohio University’s Convocation Center in Athens.

From the Litter Media Cameras: The Roundabouts at the Ohio 207 Connector with Ohio 159 and at the Ohio 159-180 intersection are taking shape. READ MORE HERE:

Posted by Litter Media on Tuesday, August 4, 2020
Litter Media’s report with ODOT’s Matt McGuire in May 2020.

Bring on Spring!

While we’ve enjoyed a relatively mild winter across Southern Ohio, we can still be eager for the arrival of Spring!
This photo of Caldwell Lake was taken be the Litter Media Drone last May during the practice sessions for the 2019 Southern Ohio Forest Rally at Scioto Trails State Park.
Soon the leaves will return to green, but until then, we’ll hold out for the Groundhog’s forecast of an early Spring!
Note: The 2020 Southern Ohio Forest Rally is scheduled for June 18-20.