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Virtual Candidates Forum Planned By Chillicothe-Ross League of Women Voters

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The Chillicothe-Ross County League of Women Voters’s Meet the Candidates Night, will be virtual only, according to the co-chairs of their Voter Services Committee.

Bart Henshaw and Jeff Spencer sat down with Litter Media’s Mike Smith in a Special Edition of Litter Media Live on Facebook where they said the League had every intention of having an in-person forum this fall, but with the recent spike in COVID-19 cases, they have decided to go with a live virtual event.

To view the Litter Media Live Special Edition with Jeff Spencer and Bart Henshaw, CLICK HERE:

“On September 28th at 7 o’clock, we will have a a livestream on Facebook”, according to Bart Henshaw. “The candidates will have an opportunity to answer questions and tell about themselves, just as they have in the past.”

Jeff Spencer said- “We are already in the process of submitting questions to our Vote 4-1-1 site, which is a website where we have information about the candidates which also is where members of the community can submit questions.”

That site is and the deadline for submitting candidate questions is September 28th, prior to the 7pm program start.

Henshaw says this year’s virtual candidates forum will focus on candidates for Chillicothe City Council. 

Adena Health System Reschedules Elective Surgery

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(Chillicothe) – Effective Wednesday, September 15, Adena Health System is rescheduling its elective surgical procedures for a later date that require an overnight stay in the hospital through next week. This temporary change is being made out of an abundance of caution due to a significant increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations and record-high patient volumes.

Adena leadership is making this decision in order to continue providing safe, high-quality care to the influx of patients requiring hospitalization due to both COVID-19 and unrelated serious medical issues.

“We have carefully evaluated different avenues where we can make operational adjustments that will be best for the short term to relieve some of the pressure off of our hospital inpatient census, provide needed beds and give support to providers and caregivers,” said Adena President and CEO Jeff Graham. “Taking these steps will allow us to care for our patients and staff in the optimal way. This is a thoughtful approach to make sure those patients who don’t need to be in the hospital right away are not.”

The number of community members hospitalized at Adena’s four hospitals as a result of COVID-19 has continued to rise. COVID hospitalizations for Adena stood at a high mark of 74 this morning, with 55 of those patients being unvaccinated. In addition, inpatient census for Adena Regional Medical Center today was over 200 hospitalizations across all medical conditions, which strains hospital capacity. 

“These adjustments and what is going on with high patient volumes is not just with Adena,” Graham added. “Similar operational adjustments in order to provide the best care possible are happening all over. What has been great about our organization is being able to handle situations as we’ve done so well over the past 19 months and this is just another situation that we need to address.”

Adena will continually monitor this fluid surge and will resume elective surgeries requiring a hospital stay as the situation improves. Adena is working closely with its medical group to ensure that patient care is prioritized as best as possible. Affected patients will be contacted by Adena to work through rescheduling and help answer any questions.

Adena, and other health care organizations across the region and beyond, continue to strongly urge everyone to get vaccinated. The COVID-19 vaccine is free and readily available. The vaccines are our best defense against further spread of the virus and effective in preventing serious illness and death. The Delta variant spreads faster than earlier forms of the virus that causes COVID-19, so getting vaccinated is the most important thing you can do to protect yourself and others.

Highland County Announces Annual Curfew For Juveniles

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(Hillsboro) — The annual Highland County-wide curfew will commence Friday, October 1st, 2021 for all persons under the age of 18 years. The curfew will run through October 31st, 2021 and require all persons under the age of 18 years to be off the streets and in their homes by 10pm, Monday through Thursday and by midnight Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Judge Kevin Greer of the Highland County Common Pleas/Juvenile Division says- “The curfew does not apply where children are accompanied by parents, legal guardians or custodians. Exception is also made for children attending church, school or employment activities. Enforcement will be handled by all law enforcement agencies, including the sheriff’s department, city or village police and juvenile probations officers.”

Judge Greer added- “Noting the court has no authority to set Beggar’s Night and strictly as a convenience to law enforcement, it is suggested each city, village and organization, should they elect to have Beggar’s Night, set the same on the last Thursday in October between 6pm-8pm.”

Bob Evans Farm Festival Turns 50

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The legacy that became a nationally known restaurant chain, returns to its roots, “down on the farm” for it’s 50th anniversary Bob Evans Farm Festival, October 8th-10th.

The October festival, located at 10854 State Route 588 Rio Grande, will be have hours of Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday 9am-6:30pm and Sunday 9am–5pm.

Tickets are $5 per person at the gate for entry, and kids five and under are free. Amusement ride tickets will be $5 for ages 12 and under, $10 for

$5 for ages 12 & under and $10 for those age 13 & older.

For a daily schedule of events, CLICK HERE:

Haunted Mountain To Require Use Of Masks

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(Chillicothe) — In light of the continued spread of COVID in our area, consultation with our local health district, and yesterdays release from our local hospitals, The Scioto Society will be requiring guests at Haunted Mountain to wear masks throughout the facility this fall. 

“We will be requiring people to mask up when they’re out and about in the facility.  This means anywhere that they are not seated for the show or in the restaurant area.  Once people are seated for the performance, or if they choose to visit the restaurant for a refreshment and sit down, they can take them off.  We are not taking political stand on this issue, we are simply following the guidelines and advice from the most respected people in the health field right now.  We have a responsibility to provide the safest environment that we’re able to, while doing everything possible to ensure that live performances can continue not only in our venue, but around the region and the state.  I have a great respect for our audience and am confident that while this may be a small imposition to some, they will all join us in this effort to be sure anyone who wants to come to the theatre may do so in a safe way.”  said CEO, Brandon Smith

The company had already put several protocols in place for the fall run including limiting audience to 1/3 capacity.

Tickets for Haunted Mountain are available now at

OU-Chillicothe Hosts Constitution Day Event

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A special Constitution Day event will be held at OU-Chillicothe’s Bennett Hall Auditorium on Friday, September 17th. The free event runs between 10:30am to noon and can be attended in-person or by Virtual Live Streaming on Microsoft Teams:

Dr. John O’Keefe will lead the session, along with special guest speakers.

The guest speakers will be Patricia Vegas (Pro Bono Coordinator) and Joshua Goodwin (Managing Attorney) from Southeastern Ohio Legal Services. Their lecture will be “Access to Justice in your Community”.

O’Keefe is an associate professor of history at Ohio University-Chillicothe and received his Ph.D. from George Washington University. He is the author of Stranger Citizens: Migrant Influence and National Power in the Early American Republic (Cornell University Press, 2021.)

His work focuses on the role of migrants in the United States and shaping of the rights of citizenship, and their intersections with racial and national identity. He has written articles on U.S. Diplomatic History for the web site of the Office of the Historian at the U.S. Department of State. He has also worked on an exhibition, HIV and AIDS 30 Years Ago at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, which was on exhibition in 2011.. 

OU-Lancaster & OCU Campuses Among Safest In U.S.

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(Lancaster) – College data and review site Niche has listed Ohio University Lancaster and Ohio Christian University among the top 25 safest college campuses in America in its recent Safest College Campuses ranking.

“Our goal at Ohio University Lancaster is to educate and prepare the workforce of tomorrow,” said Jarrod Tudor, dean of campus and community relations. “Students are more likely to excel academically when provided a safe and healthy learning environment. We have taken extra steps to ensure the safety of our students, faculty and staff.”

The Safest College Campuses ranking is based on key statistics and student reviews using data from the U.S. Department of Education. Factors considered in this ranking include campus crime rate, local crime rate, student surveys, residence hall date violence rate, residence hall rape rate, alcohol-related arrests and drug-related arrests.

“Year after year we see that campus safety is a huge priority for prospective students – and, perhaps even more so, their parents,” said Niche’s Natalie Tsay.

The Lancaster Police Department offers part-time security for the campus and patrols the parking lots throughout the day. The campus has also created a Safety and Security Council that regularly meets to discuss any safety and security concerns the campus is facing. The Safety and Security Council monitors issues by offering students, faculty and staff the opportunity to submit safety concerns through a form on the University’s website.

Ohio University Lancaster has a total student population of over 2,500. The campus offers 25 degree programs including its most popular programs, such as education, applied management and social work. For more information, visit

Ohio Christian University, near Circleville, earned twelfth place on college data and review site Niche’s list of the top 25 safest college campuses in America. Niche analyzed data and student reviews to look at which campuses are the safest. This honor did not escape the attention of Newsweek magazine, read their article here.

Niche’s Safest College Campuses ranking is intended to highlight colleges with little to no campus crime, drugs, or alcohol usage.  They consider not only the campus data, but also the crime incidents in the local area, rates for violence and arrests, and comb through student survey responses when considering a campus to be designated among the safest in America.

Student safety is highly important at Ohio Christian University as it helps foster a healthy learning environment for our students. Dr. Jon Kulaga, President, said this regarding campus safety, “Having a safe college environment is critical for students.”

OSU South Centers Turns 30

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The Ohio State University South Centers & Endeavor Center celebrates its 30th anniversary on September 29th. The site is located at 1864 Shyville Road in Piketon.

Photo from OSU Department of Agriculture

For three decades, the OSU South Centers has provided scientific research and educational programs through the collaboration of OARDC, OSU Extension and several local, state and national partners. While some programs focus on serving individual counties in Ohio’s Appalachian Region, others reach across our state, nation and internationally.

The heart of the center is a team of employees who demonstrate and develop leadership, facilitate technology advancement, educate and expand businesses and help people to be the best that they can be while conveying an image of respect, helpfulness, responsiveness and the ability to assist in solving problems.

The Center assists people with informed decision-making through responsive research, education, entrepreneurial application and collaborative partnerships and creates an environment where their research-based educational resources unite to inspire confident decision-making by:

  • Fostering objectivity in research and programming
  • Interacting with the public and responding respectfully to their needs and opportunities
  • Utilizing a holistic approach to problem-solving and program delivery to strengthen youth, individuals, families and communities
  • Facilitating technology advancement
  • Demonstrating and developing leadership

WCH Scarecrow Festival Cancelled For 2021

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UPDATE: 9/13/21

While many fairs and festivals are planning for their events to be held in 2021, the Washington Court House Scarecrow Festival is announcing they are cancelling this fall’s event.

The Scarecrow Festival Committee posted the announcement on the City of Washington Court House Economic Development Facebook page.

The 2021 festival was scheduled for September 17th-19th.

This decision in Washington Court House comes despite the recent announcement from Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, which stated that fairs and festivals would be permitted to move forward with their 2021 events. DeWine said the events could be held- using whatever health safety precautions would be needed at that point in the pandemic.

WCH Scarecrow Festival Letter

Athena Cinema’s Accessible for All Film Series Continues

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Photo Courtesy of Ohio University

(Athens) – The Athena Cinema has introduced a new film series focused on providing an accessible theater experience for visitors that features screenings of contemporary independent films.

This week, the Athena Cinema begins its Accessible for All Film Series. Each Saturday in September, the theater will feature a limited one-time-only screening of a contemporary art film. In addition to showcasing independent films, the Athena Cinema will create events that are inclusive for all, including for individuals who find traditional films screenings uncomfortable or inaccessible due to the atmosphere.  

These screenings will support filmgoers with open captions displayed on the screen and maintain a sensory friendly environment. Screenings known as sensory “friendly” or “sensitive” adjust lighting and sound levels to create a comfortable atmosphere for all patrons, including those on the autism spectrum. 

The Athena Cinema Director Alexandra Kamody said by creating more theatrical experiences built around the ideal of an accessible film and theater-going experience, the cinema is showing its support for people of all abilities. 

“The thing we know about open captions is that it is a better experience for many people,” Kamody said. “Not only for those who are deaf, hard of hearing or hearing impaired, but also for individuals who are non-native English speakers, senior citizens and people on the autism spectrum.”

While the Athena offers Captiview captioning devices for closed captions, many individuals have had negative experiences with the devices that are prone to technical problems. Unfortunately, cinemas still can’t depend on film distributors to provide open caption technology for all films and must request specific files for each film in order to be able to offer the open captions technology. 

By planning in advance the programming of films that offer open captions, the theater is able to guarantee an inclusive experience. 

While some films deal directly with issues concerning accessibility, Kamody explains that the programming wasn’t originally planned to reflect on the topic of accessibility. 

“We find a lot of sensory-friendly screenings are planned with children in mind, which is great, but we wanted to offer something different here,” Kamody said. “While booking films, a theme emerged, and we found all the films touched on the topic of accessibility in some way. It was quite beautiful to look at this collection of films and say, ‘What does accessibility mean in a broader sense?’ For some it might be a chance to be heard, for others it might be a chance to be seen.” 

The Athena Cinema’s Accessible for All Film Series includes the following films:

Sept. 18: Swan Song
Legendary actor Udo Kier stars as retired hairdresser Pat Pitsenbarger, who escapes the confines of his small-town Sandusky, Ohio nursing. home after learning of his former client’s dying wish for him to style her final hairdo.

Sept. 25: Ailey
Alvin Ailey was a trailblazing pioneer who found salvation through dance. Ailey traces the full contours of this brilliant and enigmatic man whose search for the truth in movement resulted in enduring choreography that centers on the Black American experience with grace, strength, and unparalleled beauty.

All shows begin at 2:30 pm. Tickets are $5 per screening.  

The Athena Cinema partnered with the OHIO’s Performing Art & Film Series, OHIO’s Student Accessibility Services, Athens County Board of Developmental Disabilities, and the Athens City Commission on Disabilities for this series.

Accessible for All at the Athena Cinema is made possible in part by state tax dollars allocated by the Ohio Legislature to the Ohio Arts Council (OAC). The OAC is a state agency that funds and supports quality arts experiences to strengthen Ohio communities culturally, educationally, and economically. 

The Athena Cinema is an auxiliary unit within Ohio University’s College of Fine Arts. It is a nonprofit cultural institution dedicated to creating a wide array of film-going experiences. For more information about the Athena Cinema visit its website here