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Pickaway County has Changing of the Guard

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The new year brought a change in the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office.

Robert B. Radcliff, who served the County for 40 years, was elected to succeed his father Dwight as Pickaway County Sheriff in 2012. Many well wishers turned out to honor Radcliff for his service.

Matthew Hafey has begun his first term to serve as Pickaway County Sheriff.

The Sheriff’s Department also announced, after 28 years of service, the retirement of D.A.R.E. Officer, Sergeant Dale Thomas. He and his K9 Michael Blue retired December 31st, 2020. The two were paired together in 2017.

A Visit with Sgt. Joe Lawhorn, Pro Cyclist

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He’s a fixture on the highways and byways of Southern Ohio, head into the wind, pedaling against the clock, with a carriage for his son in tow.

Chillicothe’s Joe Lawhorn of Team Dayton Cycling, spent 12 years serving his country during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, first in the US Marine Corps, then another six years in the US Army.

A broken back forced Sgt. Lawhorn into retirement. Rehabilitating from the injury, he rediscovered cycling.

Litter Media introduced viewers to Lawhorn for a video project promoting the Tour of Ross County Heroes, a fundraising cycling event in 2019 to assist the Chillicothe VA Medical Center’s Veterans Bike Program, which Lawhorn is a peer volunteer assisting the program’s director Matt Cox, a US Army veteran. The two were friends at Unioto High School before the attacks on 9/11 in 2001.

Lawhorn tells of his cycling experiences, transitioning from a runner to a cyclist and its rewards. He also recounts the emotional ride into Chillicothe during the grueling 3,000-plus mile Race Across America and how cycling has helped him connect with veterans.

Selecting the roadways for the Tour of Ross County Heroes was easy because the were routes used in his training each day. Lawhorn also talks about a special stretch of roadway he always visits near Southeastern Local Schools, the gravesite of his friend Aaron Reed who was killed in action in Iraq.

What’s ahead for 2021? Lawhorn recently posted on his facebook page, an attempt to chase 500 miles in 24 hours and breaking the Trans-Ohio record, traveling from Pennsylvania to Indiana… then turning around and going for “a double”.

The interview below is unused footage from an conversation with Lawhorn in preparation for the 2019 Tour of Ross County Heroes ride.

Barb Jividen Talks About “MOM: In the Dictionary Between Laughter and Noise”

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Barb and Jerry Jividen are finally seeing an 18 year journey come to fruition. Last spring, “MOM” was to be released in time for Mother’s Day.

The pandemic pushed the release date back to November, 2020. If not for the pandemic, the book may never had materialized.

Jividen tells Litter Media she had written the manuscript in 2002 and when publishers were hesitant to give the book a chance, she placed the manuscript in a drawer at their home. While doing a remodeling project during the pandemic, she rediscovered the manuscript and still had the photos planned for the book. With the extra time on their hands, the Jividens brought the book back to life with a new outlook.

The book is available through and other online bookstores, as well as Chillicothe’s Wheatberry Books at 9 West Second Street and

CPD Chief Keith Washburn Set To Retire Friday

After 25 years of service in the Chillicothe Police Department, Chief Keith Washburn retires May 22nd, 2020.

Washburn joined the CPD in May of 1995. He became interim Chief in 2014 and sworn in to the position the following spring.

The Chief sat down with Litter Media (see the interview below) to discuss his time as an officer and to look back at his time in office, from the department drawing national attention investigating Chillicothe’s missing women, drug addiction and to the creation of the K-9 Unit. 

In 2018, Washburn earned his law degree and beginning May 26th, he’ll be starting a new position, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for Jackson County.

Washburn says he’s witnessed many changes over during his career. “When I first joined in ’95, the drug of choice was crack cocaine. With crack cocaine, you had some higher levels of violent crime, but the key to a road officer that I look at, if I stopped a guy and I’m looking for crack and I missed it, I’m going to get him later. With this heroine and fentanyl, if I stop a guy and I miss that, there’s a good possibility that he could die from the drugs that are in his pocket. That’s one of the big differences.” 

Another was in the 90s, there were a lot of bar fights, almost like in the movies, but he said those have fortunately run their course over the years.

He also noted the the criminal justice sentence reform across the United States is still evolving.

“In 1995 for example, a second offense theft was a felony and the person went to prison. Now there’s no second offense theft and the threshold wen from $500 to $1,000 to make it a felony. What we’re not seeing is rehabilitation. It’s more punishment and retribution when it comes to the criminal justice system. If you have a person whose stealing, there’s an underlying reason he’s out there committing that theft crime. If you can fix that problem, then you’re gonna stop a theft. I think that’s where we’re lacking in the criminal justice system is looking at that underlying problem and treating that whether it’s mental health, addiction, whatever that reason is. I think we’re lacking that.”

Washburn said Captain Larry Bamfield will be acting-Chief until a successor is named.

What Is Yellow Day?

What began as a simple act of dedication to a mentor, Kindergarten educator Adam Peterson explains the six principles for Be The Yellow and the effect random acts of kindness have on others.

Peterson tells Litter Media the story of honoring his mentor, Honor Trotter, and how the message has spread like wildfire across America and into other countries worldwide, including Chillicothe.

Honor’s son is Dr. Ben Trotter, a Chillicothe transplant.

Watch Litter Media’s interview with Peterson below.

Photographers Turned Author with “MOM”


Chillicothe based photographers Barb and Jerry Jividen have added “author” among their titles.

Barb says “MOM, in the dictionary between Laughter and Noise” was scripted nearly 20 years ago as observations she made while watching her family.

The manuscript was tucked away in a drawer and she’d forgotten about the project. But during the pandemic, she came across the manuscript and decided to give it new life.

She says the 62-page book is somewhat of a devotional for mothers. The book is slated for a wide release in early June.

Photos by Jerry Jividen

Learn more at

Remembering Pickaway County Sheriff Dwight E. Radcliff

One of America’s longest serving sheriff’s passed away Wednesday morning. Longtime Pickaway County Sheriff Dwight E. Radcliff was 87.

Radcliff served 12 consecutive terms as Pickaway County’s Sheriff, spanning 48 years. His career began as a deputy under his father Charles Radcliff who served in the position from 1931-1960. In 2013, current Pickaway County Sheriff, Robert B. Radcliff, succeeded his father Dwight.

“He was an icon among Sheriffs” Ross County Sheriff, George Lavender told Litter Media. “Longest serving, and the positions he held from the Buckeye Sheriffs’ Association to the National Association… and his family. I have nothing but the upmost respect for the Radcliff’s. If I remember correctly, he was the last Sheriff to live at the County Jail. He was just an icon.”

As per the Pickaway County Sheriff’s statement on Facebook, funeral arrangements are pending.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:Pickaway County Sheriff Robert B. Radcliff regrets to announce that his father, former Pickaway…

Posted by Pickaway County Sheriff's Office on Wednesday, May 6, 2020

OU Frosh Duo Teams Up For MUSICAL DELIGHT!

Trombonists William Balusik (Huntington HS ’19) and Madisyn Mason (Edison HS ’19) arranged Pavel Chesnokov’s “Salvation is Created” as a freshman project to start the spring semester at Ohio University. The intent was to pay homage to their fellow members of OU’s Marching 110.

Then came the coronavirus pandemic.

“I was a bit disappointed because I thought we’d never be able to perform this” Balusik wrote in a Facebook post. The piece, appearing to be shelved till the pandemic was over, came to life in a whole new way.

“Honestly, we did it kinda on a whim” Balusik told Litter Media, “over some fries, we decided we wanted to arrange this and it kinda came to be from there.”


The two music education majors took that conversation and ran with it. “William said that we should arrange ‘Salvation’ in a trombone quartet for the freshman trombone supply” said Mason, “but then I said, why don’t we just arrange it for the trombone choir, and then we can perform it with everyone instead of just us?”

Balusik and Mason also help to make up the 18 member OU Trombone Choir performing in the video.

Professor Lucas Borges jumped on board and the idea grew legs.

Balusik says the tweaking to his original score came when the decision was made to play the piece on line, a few adjustments had to be made, such as metronome settings for timing.

“I had to add a few measures near the beginning so we that we had a common time add a click track so that everyone could hear a metronome while it was going on” Balusik explained “and then separate all the parts so everyone could read their individual parts and record it themselves.”

The eighteen players then sent their recordings to OU grad student Calyton Yoshifuku (who also plays on the piece) for production with Sara May for the finished product.

OU Trombone Choir – "Salvation Is Created"

2019-2020 was a challenging academic year. At the beginning of the spring semester freshman William Balusik and Madisyn Mason wrote an arrangement of "Salvation is Created " to pay homage to their fellow students at The Ohio University Marching 110. The piece has deep meaning to members of the band. It seemed appropriate to extend to homage to everyone now.Especial thank you to graduate student Clayton Yoshifuku and his partner Sara Maebeth for putting it all together!P.S: use headphones!Ohio University School of Music Society of Alumni & Friends Ohio University School of Music Ohio University Bands

Posted by Ohio University Trombone Studio on Monday, April 27, 2020

The effort also meant something new, playing with headphones. “Oh, I hate it” said a chuckling Mason. “I tried to play with both earpieces on until one of my lessons with my professor, and he’s like ‘You know, you should move one to the side so you can hear your sound. But also, you can hear me speaking to you and hearing the recording that you’re making.’ So, it was a big adjustment for me.”

In the recorded interview, the two also reflect on their first year of participating in the Marching 110 and of their trip to Japan which was cancelled due to the world wide coronavirus pandemic.

Chillicothe’s Frankie Whalen Featured on 10tv

After graduating from Chillicothe High School in 2015, Frankie Whalen and his triplet siblings Jack and Joey followed in their parents’ footsteps into military service.

For Frankie, it was off to West Point and last November he proposed to Kerry Moore with the plan to get married this spring. But like many couples, the COVID-19 pandemic has delayed their plans.

Their story was featured in a story on 10TV News Monday night.


Also featured in the story, The Postmark, Chillicothe’s new venue for parties and receptions on South Paint Street. As The Postmark was preparing to open, the virus outbreak put a halt to much of Ohio. Last Sunday, the venue posted the following special on its Facebook Page:

Elopement Giveaway!

⬇️ELOPEMENT GIVEAWAY FOR A COUPLE!!⬇️We want to celebrate your LOVE story and support those couples who are struggling to see the light in 2020. We at The Postmark know that many of you or someone you know have had to give up their original wedding date…. so while big receptions might be on hold for a while, let us help you celebrate with your closest family & friends! ✨So what are we doing?? We’re offering special elopement packages for those who want to get married now and celebrate later! We will be sharing more about the details of those packages soon…. but to kick it off we want to give ONE LUCKY COUPLE the day of their dreams with an all-inclusive 4-hr venue rental at The Postmark in Chillicothe, Ohio (including separate getting ready rooms), professional photos, rentals, and a dance floor! ✨Here are rules:💛First, leave a comment and tag your fiancée if you’d like to enter for yourself, or tag a loved one and encourage them to enter!💛 Once tagged, give The Postmark a follow! Bonus points for showing the other vendors tagged at the end of this post some love, too. 💖💛Last, share your love story and why you want to win this giveaway on your personal account (Facebook or Instagram) and tag @postmark.oh in your story and/or post. (If you have a private account, just send us a screenshot of your post/story.). Feel free to share this post on your page, too!We will be picking the winner on May 8th, and hosting the elopement ASAP.Thank you to:Goldenwood Visuals Taylor Alyssa Photography Kylie-Marie PhotographyEmmy's BridalConfetti Season Event DesignMy Beauty by LizzieRomance Blooms Studio H

Posted by The Postmark on Sunday, April 26, 2020

Kenny Corcoran On Coloring Chillicothe’s Walkways

Chillicothe sidewalk chalk artist Kenny Corcoran was making a new creation on the sidewalk of Crispie Creme Donuts Thursday.

Corcoran has drawn many characters on Chillicothe’s sidewalks, from Rugrats to the Simpson’s. His choice for a sunny afternoon was Squidward from the Nickelodeon cartoon series “SpongeBob SquarePants”.

Crispie Creme is a usual spot for Corcoran, who has three additional drawings near the new one. They’ve faded over time, but are still entertaining. The donut shop has been closed since the the first week of Ohio’s Stay-At-Home order, so he had little foot traffic to interfere with his work.

Hear what Corcoran has to say in the interview below, where it all started and what he hopes the artwork accomplishes for people.