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Pickaway County Park District Offers Photo Contest

Presented By Hometown-Motors, Inc.

Shutterbugs and professional photographers are invited to enter the Pickaway County Park District 2021 Photo Contest.

The deadline to submit your entries is midnight April 4th.

The top 25 photographers will be notified of their entry to exhibit on  April 12th with the top 25 needing to confirm their intention to submit photos to the exhibit by April 15th.

All photos entered in Gallery go Live on the Parks District Website by April 19th.

More details about the contest can be found on the Pickaway County Park District website on our link. CLICK HERE:

Litter Media Throwback: 2018 Chillicothe City Fireworks Display

Presented by Hometown-Motors, Inc.

A LITTER MEDIA THROWBACK, Independence Day 2018: Six Litter Media cameras for the Chillicothe Fireworks display put on…

Posted by Litter Media on Sunday, July 5, 2020

Independence Day 2018: Six Litter Media cameras for the Chillicothe Fireworks display put on by the Ohio Pyro Art Guild.

If you missed the show or want to see it again, here’s a perspective you’ll get nowhere else. Enjoy!

Night Sky

After a full day of rain, there was a brief opening of clear sky just as the sun was setting over the Scioto Valley. The horizon shows the next round of weather settling in for the weekend.

Clearing Before the Next Round of Weather

From the Litter Media Cameras: Night Skies
Friday January 24, 2020 was mostly rainy until late in the day. Here’s a look at a touch of clearing in the last moments of daylight. The darkness from cloud cover and nightfall over Chillicothe to the right in the first picture and a touch of the next weather pattern approaching from the southwest. In the second pic, a peek of a glimmering Paint Creek in the distance. For a short time, we had some clearing before a gray Saturday would arrive.

January Unseasonably Warm

Moss grows on a tree in Pike County in January. Photo by Dan Ramey/Litter Media

Spring in January?

The Winter of 2020 has been relatively mild. Ten days into the new year and temperatures are unseasonably warm, reaching the 60s Friday with forecast highs to reach the low 70s this weekend. Here’s a few photos from Pike County’s winter plant life.

Moss shows life on tree bark in Pike County
A look at tall sycamore trees