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Flowers Along US 23

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The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) has used wildflowers as pollinators along grassy areas throughout the state for years.

One such stretch is the former weigh station areas on US 23 near Ohio 159 north of Chillicothe in Ross County.

In a recent update of The Loop from ODOT’s media division, the pollinators not only help the environment, but also save taxpayers in mowing costs.

See more flowers on the Litter Media Facebook page below.

From the Litter Media Cameras: Wildflowers the former weigh station areas on US 23 near Ohio 159 north of Chillicothe in…

Posted by Litter Media on Friday, July 3, 2020

Spargursville Road Repair Continues

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A portion of Spargursville Road in Ross County received road slippage repair work this week.

The road has been a challenge for work crews and travelers since the slippage began in 2018.

Ross County Engineer, Charles Ortman confirmed with Litter Media in April, the road would expect to receive attention by mid summer 2020.

The remainder of the project will likely take more time as only one lane remains open. Workers attempted to repair the work in 2018, however the work was washed away in another heavy rainfall. It was one of 20 county roads impacted by slippage, forcing work to be delayed till now.

The portion of Spargursville Road near Storms Chapel before the week of June 29, 2020
The same stretch of roadway following the work the week of June 29, 2020.

Ross County Making Way For Roundabouts

The Ohio Department of Transportation’s District 9 is constructing two roundabouts north of Chillicothe along Ohio 159, where the new Ohio 207 connector intersects and at Ohio 180.

ODOT Public Information Officer Matt McGuire says the work should be complete in 2020.

“There’ll be a new connector connecting the existing 207 over to State Route 159” said McGuire “and there’ll be two roundabouts, one at the new connector and 159 and a roundabout at 180 and 159.”

Studies show roundabouts achieve a 44% reduction in all crashes and a 72-87% reduction in fatal injury crashes when converting a two way stop intersection into a roundabout. READ MORE FROM ODOT

There are nearly 200 roundabouts in the state. Jackson has a roundabout at McCarty Lane and Acy Avenue just west of US 35 and another near Ohio University’s Convocation Center in Athens.

The Connector of Ohio 207 enters Ohio 159. This will be the first of the two roundabouts to be constructed.
The second roundabout will be here at Ohio 159 and Ohio 180.

Summer 2020: Spargursville Road Repair

Many rural roadways are regularly in need of slippage repair. But Ross County was hit especially hard in late 2018 and early 2019 with a reported 20 roads impacted.

Three roads were closed, Blain Highway, Cooks Hill Road and Spargursville Road.

Blain Highway was repaired and opened last year. Spargursville Road was opened with one passable lane in 2019 at the area which caused the road to be closed.

Ross County Engineer Charles Ortman tells Litter Media Spargursville Road is slated for repair this summer. Crews were repairing another trouble spot on Spargursville Wednesday morning.

There’s no word on when Cooks Hill Road will officially open.

Westbound travelers’ view of the lane closed by the slippage which closed Spargursville Road in 2019.
The westbound lane of Spargursville Road. Remnants of the first fix which was washed out by rain shortly after repair in 2019.
Road closure at the north end of Cooks Hill Road near Ohio 772.
The longtime troubled stretch of Cooks Hill Road. No official word on when it will open to local traffic.