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Ohio Extending Income Tax Filing Deadline

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(COLUMBUS) – The State of Ohio has extended their income tax deadline filings to May 17, 2021- following the federal government’s lead. 

The announcement came Wednesday morning from Ohio Tax Commissioner Jeff McClain, stating Ohio will extend the tax deadline from April 15th to May 17th, to match what the IRS had already announced for federal returns. The state will waive penalties on late payments during the extension.

Ohio is expected to make other changes to fall in line with federal reforms, like waiving taxes on unemployment payments up to $10,200, but that will require approval from the legislature. 

However, first-quarter estimated income tax payments for the tax year 2021 must still be completed by April 15th.

The City of Chillicothe has already extended the deadline for filing city income tax forms to May 17th.

United Way of Pickaway County Launches Tax Time Free Clinic

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In the wake of the recent closure of the PICCA’s Free Tax Clinic for this year’s tax prep season, the United Way of Pickaway County has stepped up to organize a similar service with their new Tax Time Clinic. 

The Tax Time Clinic is a free tax preparation service for eligible Pickaway County residents who make a household income below $57,000 a year. The clinic will be hosted at the Pickaway County Library (1160 North Court Street, Circleville, OH 43113) by drop-off and pick-up appointment ONLY. Regrettably no walk-in or unscheduled appointments will be permitted so that all parties can socially distance and follow COVID-19 protocols. 

Through a network of volunteers, led by site coordinator Bruce Colburn and United Way of Pickaway County, the goal of the Tax Time initiative is to prepare as many taxes for county residents as possible while openings last. “It was a must for us to continue to provide this opportunity to families and individuals with low and moderate incomes in Pickaway County.  Many of the tax credits help fill the void between what working families earn and what they need to avoid the financial cliff.”, says Board President, Nathan Anderson. “These tax credits can combine to provide a refund to low-income households, becoming their largest paycheck of the year, accounting for up to 45% percent of their annual income. Additionally, these families save up to $200 in tax preparation fees which allows them to use those funds on day-to-day expenses.  It is also a win for our local economy.  Those refunds, more than likely, get put right back into our local businesses.”

Starting Monday, February 15th, eligible residents can call the library to schedule the first of their two appointments with the free tax clinic which will be held on 

Mondays and Wednesdays from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Fridays and Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Once a resident’s intake appointment for required documentation is scheduled, their pick-up appointment will be the same time and day of the week for the following week. 

Qualified county residents can call the library to schedule an intake appointment at (740) 477-1644 extension 224. Once scheduled, residents will provide their tax documents, household social security cards and picture ID’s during this appointment.  The documents will be uploaded and returned to the resident the same day. Those documents are then uploaded into the secure tax system for the remote preparers to access. From there, the site coordinator will review each completed return and, once again, residents will have a standing appointment one week from the date and time they were scheduled for their intake appointment. Finally, each resident will meet with the site coordinator while adhering to social distancing guidelines to go over the return and assist them with the filing process.

The United Way of Pickaway County would like to thank PICCA for their many efforts over the years in providing the previous iteration of the county’s Free Tax Clinic, a formerly partially funded United Way grant program. We would also like to thank the Pickaway County Library for their efforts in helping us host these pick-up and drop-off appointments to assist county residents in preparing tax documentation. This would not be possible without David Fausnaugh and his staff.  

Pickaway County residents interested in volunteering their time and talents in helping with the free tax clinic can do so by visiting or by emailing