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Call Before You Dig

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It is that time of year again, where many Ohioans are back to enjoying and even working in their yards.

If your yard work includes any kind of digging beneath the surface of the ground, you are asked to keep these four words in mind. “Call Before You Dig!”

This safety reminder comes from the Call 811 Before You Dig Program, which will inform you as to whether the area in which you want to dig will be near electric or gas lines.

The One Call Process website says “Whether you’re planting a tree, shrub or garden, aerating your yard, installing a mailbox or building a fence or deck, contacting OHIO811 before you dig protects your home and your family. Avoid potential injury, property damage, and utility disruption by following the Law and digging safely. Learn how to contact OHIO811, the information you’ll need to provide, how utilities respond to your request, and more.”

The process to get this information is very simple. “Call (800) 362-2764 or 8-1-1 or visit e-dig and request the location of underground facilities near your proposed digging site.”

Knowing where gas, electric and other facilities cross your property will help protect your life, your property, and your wallet.

If you have hired an excavator to do work on your property, by law, it is the responsibility of the excavator to submit the one-call notification.

For more information, please refer to Ohio Revised Code 3781.25 (K) if you have any questions or need clarification.

Safe digging starts with you!

City Of Chillicothe To Hold Annual Water Rate Review Committee Meeting

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The Annual Water Rate Review Committee will meet on Wednesday, March 17th.

The session will be held at 1pm in the Water Treatment Plant Meeting Room located at 501 Back Road in Chillicothe.

Anyone with questions about the meeting should call the mayor’s office at (740) 774-1185 or emailing

Drilling Underway For New Water Well In Chillicothe

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Crews work to drill a new well for the City of Chillicothe in Yoctangee Park. Mike Smith/Litter Media

Drilling has begun on a new water well for the City of Chillicothe. 

According to a social media mention by the City of Chillicothe, a contractor is drilling a three-foot wide hole, approximately 90-feet deep, for the installation of a pump and electrical components. 

The drilling should go for a couple of weeks.

This new well will replace an existing well which was tapped in 1956. The older well is no longer providing the volume of water needed at the Chillicothe Water Treatment Plant, located nearby in Yoctangee Park.

Litter Media is pursuing additional information from Utilities Director David Fishel as to how many gallons the city anticipates the new well site should yield.

Castings for drilling a new well for the City of Chillicothe in Yoctangee Park. Mike Smith/Litter Media

Power Companies & State Law Discourage Posting Signage On Utility Poles Along Roads

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It’s high school tournament time, which brings out community spirit and pride and efforts to show their teams that pride. While that is a good thing, the problem comes in when signs and streamers are attached to utility poles and highway signs along roadways, which is against the law.

The same applies to attaching signs for political candidates and events such as yard sales.

The Ohio Revised Code states; “No person shall place within the limits of the right-of-way or affix any sign, poster, or advertisement to any tree or utility pole within the right-of-way of any public highway outside of municipal corporations. No person, organization, corporation, or group shall place within the limits of the right-of-way any object as determined by the department of transportation to obscure sight distance.”

Along with state law, utility companies also discourage this practice for safety reasons. A spokesperson for AEP Ohio said; “Workers need to access poles to ensure the reliability of electric service. Signs that are placed on poles are a hazard for our employees and contractors.”

Objects used to hang signs — such as staples, tacks and nails — can obstruct climbing equipment, causing a worker to slip or fall. They can also tear the protective clothing that protects a worker from electricity. Even the tiniest pinhole in a glove is enough to cause a burn or other injury.

State House Rep. Brian Stewart Big Part Of Bill Attempting To Connect Broadband To Rural Ohio

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Former Pickaway County Commissioner Brian Stewart has jumped right into work as the new Ohio House 78th District Representative, co-sponsoring legislation known as House Bill 2 that includes helping tech companies development broadband service in Southeast Ohio.

The plan puts $210 million of state funds into the effort to get broadband into underserved areas. Stewart says this is for homes, not big companies.

Stewart says “Access to the internet has become the number one issue in southeastern Ohio and basically every underserved area in the state. We already had problems before COVID which has shined a big spotlight on all of these problems. We have gone to remote learning, but kids have to sit outside McDonald’s parking lot to do their homework. We have parents driving around late at night trying to upload school assignments and try to find a WiFi signal. And for those wanting to work from home, you can’t do that if you don’t have the internet.”

Stewart added that some of his constituents have told him they lost their jobs because they were unable to work from home.

Plans by Spectrum to install internet in some areas is separate from what House Bill 2 will do. 

Representative Stewart hopes the state senate will quickly pass the bill and claims Governor DeWine is ready to sign it. If approved, Stewart says funds could start being shipped to areas for internet infrastructure work to begin before the end of the year.