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Chillicothe & Surrounding Communities Receive Water Infrastructure Grants

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(Columbus) — Ohio Governor Mike DeWine awarded 28 water infrastructure projects with nearly $44 million in financial support as part of the second round of funding offered through the new Ohio BUILDS water infrastructure grant program.

“It’s astonishing to me that there are communities in Ohio today where it’s difficult to get clean water. For our people to thrive and for our communities to grow, clean water and reliable infrastructure are an absolute must,” said Governor DeWine. “There is a tremendous need for water infrastructure upgrades all over our state, and through Ohio BUILDS, we’re funding projects that will be life-changing in some communities.” 

Several area communities will benefit from Round Two of the Ohio BUILDS Project Drinking Water/Waste Water Infrastructure Projects.

(Photo: Chillicothe Wastewater Treatment Plant off Renick Avenue)

Chillicothe (Ross County, House District 92- Rep. Mark Johnson, Senate District 17- Senator Bob Peterson) will receive a $5 million grant to make needed repairs, update wastewater treatment capabilities to prepare for economic growth and address upcoming Ohio EPA
regulatory requirements to reduce phosphorus discharges. The majority of the equipment at the Chillicothe Wastewater Treatment Plant is 35 years old and has reached the end of its useful life. Major renovations will include replacing most of the mechanical and electrical equipment, changing the biosolids digestion process to aerobic digestion process, and adding phosphorus removal. This project will benefit 22,000 people.

Chillicothe Mayor Luke Feeney told Litter Media’s Mike Smith the entire project will cost an estimated $40 million.

(Photo: Chillicothe Wastewater Treatment Plant Screw)

Leesburg (Highland County, House District 91- Rep. Shane Wilkin, Senate District 17- Senator Bob Peterson) will receive a $974,563 grant to replace 4,500 linear feet of watermain, install monitoring and water treatment plant components to assist in preventing depressurization, and replace old and faulty water meters. The watermain in the project area is cast iron and has exceeded its useful life, experiencing numerous breaks during the past year along State Route 28. The existing system lacks sufficient valves, therefore, when breaks occur in this area, the result is widespread water outages. This project will benefit 1,455 people.

Wilmington (Clinton County, House District 91- Rep. Shane Wilkin, Senate District 17- Senator Bob Peterson) will receive a $5 million grant to upgrade its wastewater treatment plant to meet new phosphorus discharge requirements to help improve the water quality in Lytle Creek and address deficiencies at the plant. The project consists of a 50 percent capacity expansion to the wastewater treatment plant, improvements to the treatment process, and conversion of existing
tanks for solids handling. This project will benefit 12,400 people.

Logan (Hocking County, House District 78- Rep. Brian Stewart, Senate District 20- Senator Tim Schaffer) will receive a $250,000 grant to cover the planning and engineering design for a project that will replace 20,000 linear feet of sewer line, 1700 linear feet of storm sewer lines, 68
manholes, add 300 service connections, and five new catch basins. The city completed an extensive infiltration and inflow study after Ohio EPA issued a schedule of compliance to the sewer system serving. This project addresses the highest‐priority areas identified in the study.
This project benefits 7,020 people.

Jackson (Jackson County, House District 93- Rep. Jason Stephens, Senate District 17- Senator Bob Peterson) will receive a $1.01 million grant for the Mill Street Area Sewer Extension Project, which will extend public sewer to approximately 24 households who do not currently
have access to it. This project will bring reliable sewer infrastructure to unsewered residents with failing household sewage treatment systems on Mill Street, Putnam Street, Ohio Street, Summit Street and Crossin Street. This project will benefit 80 people.

Ashville (Pickaway County, House District 78- Rep. Brian Stewart, Senate District 20- Senator Tim Schaffer) will receive a $250,000 grant to cover the planning and engineering design for a sanitary sewer replacement project. The proposed improvements north of Church Street include replacing the aged sanitary sewer lines, providing an adequate storm sewer system, and to separate roof drains, sump pumps, and sanitary services. This project will benefit 4,500 people.

Pike County Board of Commissioners (Pickaway County, House District 91- Rep. Shane Wilkin, Senate District 17- Senator Bob Peterson) will receive a $400,000 grant to install new storm sewer lines, new manholes, and a new curb and gutter system on Waverly Gables Blvd. The stormwater drainage system on Waverly Gables Blvd. is more than 50 years old and is highly corroded due to the excessive amounts of salt used on the roadway. Pike County cannot allow failure of this system since the boulevard is the only way to access Pike County’s hospital.
This project will benefit 27,088 people.

Area Independence Fireworks Shows

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As the July 4th holiday weekend approaches, many people wanting to watch community fireworks exhibits will have several to choose from in the Scioto Valley region.

With Columbus’ “Red, White and Boom” postponed from their typical July 3rd show, it makes smaller communities more of the places to be to celebrate America’s Independence holiday weekend.

The City of Columbus says there is a possibility they could conduct their show later in 2021, although nothing official has been determined.

For Chillicothe’s July 4th fireworks, the city had already approved $15,000 for the show, as they have in recent years. Mayor Luke Feeney says this year’s donations have been very good.

The restricted area for Chillicothe’s Yoctangee Park.
The map for getting in and out of Yoctangee Park in Chillicothe.

As a side note, the Jeep Fest will also be taking place during the day July 4th at the Ross County Fairgrounds. But, Mayor Feeney added that Jeep Fest won’t be ramped up in the city as big as 2019 due to the lack of planning time, since we are just coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.

The 2021 City of Chillicothe fireworks will be on the 4th of July at approximately 9:45pm. 

The best place to observe the fireworks is from the floodwall in the park.  

Those viewing from the floodwall should not place tents or other items that will completely block the blacktop portion of the wall. Blocking the path creates a safety hazard for those trying to walk and hampers emergency personnel from getting through.  

After fireworks are over, traffic will be under the direction of police officers and the Ohio State Highway Patrol. See attached map for details on traffic patterns.   There will be NO left turns for N/B traffic on High St. and Yoctangee Parkway.   Police Officers on bikes, UTVs and cruisers will be providing security and traffic control.   Please see attached map.  

As always, no alcohol is to be consumed in Yoctangee Park. Illegal/prohibited Fireworks are also strictly prohibited as we want everyone to have a safe 4th. We also discourage the public from setting off explosive fireworks in neighborhoods as it disturbs animals and residents alike. 

The Chillicothe Fire Department has also asked fireworks viewers to stay out of restricted areas, this includes the waterway behind the city park annex, which will be patrolled.  See attached map provided by the FD.  The annex will be closed in the early morning of the 4th to allow setup.   

We remind everyone not to drink and drive and have a designated driver.  If ride share is available, it should be utilized, along with local Taxi services.   

Here is a list of area Independence fireworks shows still planned for 2021:

(July 2)
The Chillicothe Country Club will be having their annual Fireworks. Only members are allowed on the property, but they encourage everyone to find a spot off of the property where you can enjoy the show. 

(July 3)
Washington Court House
Chillicothe Paints (after the game)

(July 4th)

(July 5th)

Most of the shows begin at 10pm at the latest, with some starting at dusk.