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Haunted Mountain To Require Use Of Masks

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(Chillicothe) — In light of the continued spread of COVID in our area, consultation with our local health district, and yesterdays release from our local hospitals, The Scioto Society will be requiring guests at Haunted Mountain to wear masks throughout the facility this fall. 

“We will be requiring people to mask up when they’re out and about in the facility.  This means anywhere that they are not seated for the show or in the restaurant area.  Once people are seated for the performance, or if they choose to visit the restaurant for a refreshment and sit down, they can take them off.  We are not taking political stand on this issue, we are simply following the guidelines and advice from the most respected people in the health field right now.  We have a responsibility to provide the safest environment that we’re able to, while doing everything possible to ensure that live performances can continue not only in our venue, but around the region and the state.  I have a great respect for our audience and am confident that while this may be a small imposition to some, they will all join us in this effort to be sure anyone who wants to come to the theatre may do so in a safe way.”  said CEO, Brandon Smith

The company had already put several protocols in place for the fall run including limiting audience to 1/3 capacity.

Tickets for Haunted Mountain are available now at www.hauntedmountain.org.

“Tecumseh!” Has Breakout Year

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Brandon Smith says audience support has been outstanding this summer. Watch to hear more.

Our Litter Media cameras sat down with Scioto Society CEO Brandon Smith as the season for the outdoor drama Tecumseh! was winding down, with their final 2021 show on Sunday, September 5th.

Smith said “Its been almost shocking, really, how many people have come through this summer. We were really anticipating doing very, very low crowds that averaged maybe 300-400 people per night, but it has certainly been more than that. In fact it might wind up being that we have the largest attendance in the past decade. So it has been a great summer. People have been happy to get out, people have been so nice to each other this year. We have a lot of family reunions at the theatre this year- people that haven’t seen their family in the last year are coming together and its been a wonderful experience.”

Smith also said the need for a smaller cast in the show has led to many positives, including them being of the most close-knit casts since he’s been back as the producer.

Smith also wanted to thank the community along with the Ross-Chillicothe Foundation, Ross-Chillicothe Convention & Visitors Bureau for their support, which was essential in them getting back on stage in 2021.

“Outdoor drama as an industry has led the way this year on how to reopen theaters, safely. Of the four to five big ones (outdoor shows) that opened this year, I believe all of those folks were having very high attendance”, Smith said. “With only one exception, none of the shows had anyone that got sick, which is incredible when you consider we are talking about hundreds of thousands of people going through these theatres. We all did it the right way. We did it slowly and deliberately and it has paid off.” 

Smith says theatres and sports events around the nation collaborated with each other on what was working for their returning to outdoor entertainment.

“Tecumseh!” Readies For June 17th Open

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Thursday, June 17th is opening night for the outdoor drama “Tecumseh!”, as it opens season 49, after being closed last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Scioto Society CEO Brandon Smith says this year’s cast is scaled-down to 38 people, compared to as many as 75 in some of their biggest seasons of cast members.

The story will be no less epic, using “new pyro and lighting techniques” to keep the show’s big production feel.

Smith says the first night they turned the lights and sound on at the amphitheater after being turned off for two years, it was a stirring experience- “It was surprisingly emotional for me and I think for everyone there just to see, and there wasn’t even any actors there yet.”

Pre-sale tickets have been “off the charts” according to Smith, and Thursday’s opening night is a sell-out, with limited seating still in place to start the season. 

Mask wearing is optional for spectators, except when they are in the gift shop area, due to its “tight space quarters”.

Showtimes are 8pm, Monday through Saturday.

The Behind the Scenes Tour will return this year, beginning at 3:15pm and the final tour starting at 5:30pm on a first come-first serve basis.

Early visitors can also experience the thrill of throwing a tomahawk at a wooden target with our partnership with Southern Ohio Axe Throwing. Highly trained and experienced experts will be with you through the whole process, training you and ensuring the safety of you and those around you. Throwers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Only 26 people per night can participate, so space limited. 

The Snack Shack will be open, but there will be no buffet this season. 

Tickets are available online at Tecumsehdram.com or by calling  (740) 775-0700.

Ohio’s June 2 Relaxed COVID Regs Leads To More Seating Capacity at Outdoor Drama “Tecumseh!”

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A newsletter from Brandon Smith, CEO of the Scioto Society, states that Governor Mike DeWine’s announced June 2nd dropping of COVID-19 health orders will result in allowing more tickets to be sold for the 2021 outdoor drama “Tecumseh!”

Smith says- “New guidance from the CDC and the Governor of the State of Ohio have made us re-evaluate that plan.” 

Here’s what Smith says you need to know:

-We are opening up more tickets, but will still not be operating at 100% capacity.  We want to be sure to leave some breathing room for those who still may be hesitant to be in large crowds, but need to be able to maximize the value of each audience.  We also have hired a staff to be able to efficiently operate at a reduced capacity.  So we are in the process of opening up an additional 350 tickets per night, making our capacity about 950 people per night.  As the summer goes on, if we are able to open up more seats to meet demand, we will make that decision on a show by show basis. 

-Masks are no longer required throughout the facility, but are encouraged.  They WILL be required in the gift shop.

-Backstage tours will run in larger groups than our originally planned 10.  The first tour will leave at 3:15pm, and the last tour will leave at 5:30pm.

-The buffet will remain closed this summer, but a wider variety of food options will be available from the concession stand.

-You will see some Scioto Society employees in masks while you are here, and some that are not.  It has been our policy for over a year now to follow CDC recommendations.  All of our employees are fully vaccinated, and so the decision to wear a mask or not will lie with them.

Smith concluded with- “We are in the process of updating information on our website and ticketing system.  I expect by this time next week it will all be done.  We hope that you will join us this summer as we all take a moment to relax, enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the Sugarloaf Mountain Amphitheatre and enjoy a night of drama under the stars.”

Tecumseh Returns!

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(Litter Media’s Mike Smith interviews “Tecumseh!” Director Brent Gibbs, Scioto Society Producer Brandon Gibbs and new lead actor Jaime Pla. View our interview in the YouTube post seen above)

The outdoor drama “Tecumseh!” returns June 17th for its 49th season, after a year off due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The production will be using the 30% outdoor seating capacity outlined by the State of Ohio, according to Scioto Society Producer Brandon Smith. He says this will mean a maximum seating capacity of approximately 500 people for the Sugarloaf Mountain Amphitheatre.

Smith says this will make it even more important for spectators getting their tickets in advance through the ticket office, which is www.tecumsehdrama.com  or by calling (740) 775-0700.

Jamie Pla will be the new lead of Chief Tecumseh with Brent Gibbs back as the director.

The show opens June 17th and runs through September 5th and runs Mondays through Saturdays at 8pm.

Scioto Society Close To Halfway Mark In Fund Drive To Recoup Lost Revenue Due To Pandemic

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The producers of the outdoor drama “Tecumseh!” are almost at the midway point in efforts to raise funds they lost by not having the show in 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Scioto Society has thus far raised $600,000 of the nearly $1.3 million in lost revenues, according to CEO Brandon Smith.

Smith told Litter Media Monday morning, that tickets are already on sale for the 2021 season, which will run June 17th through September 5th.

The show has already received a variance on crowd size from the Ross County Health District, which is comparable to the 30% maximum crowd capacity size for outdoor entertainment events announced last week by Governor Mike DeWine.

Scioto Society’s lone fundraiser this year will be The Pour House Bourbon Dinner, slated for March 25th. It will include a virtual silent auction. Tickets for this fundraiser are available through the Pour House at Machinery Hall.

Tickets for the 2021 outdoor drama season are available at www.tecumsehdrama.com