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OSU South Centers Turns 30

Presented By Atomic Speedway

The Ohio State University South Centers & Endeavor Center celebrates its 30th anniversary on September 29th. The site is located at 1864 Shyville Road in Piketon.

Photo from OSU Department of Agriculture

For three decades, the OSU South Centers has provided scientific research and educational programs through the collaboration of OARDC, OSU Extension and several local, state and national partners. While some programs focus on serving individual counties in Ohio’s Appalachian Region, others reach across our state, nation and internationally.

The heart of the center is a team of employees who demonstrate and develop leadership, facilitate technology advancement, educate and expand businesses and help people to be the best that they can be while conveying an image of respect, helpfulness, responsiveness and the ability to assist in solving problems.

The Center assists people with informed decision-making through responsive research, education, entrepreneurial application and collaborative partnerships and creates an environment where their research-based educational resources unite to inspire confident decision-making by:

  • Fostering objectivity in research and programming
  • Interacting with the public and responding respectfully to their needs and opportunities
  • Utilizing a holistic approach to problem-solving and program delivery to strengthen youth, individuals, families and communities
  • Facilitating technology advancement
  • Demonstrating and developing leadership