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OHSAA Winter TournEYs Postponed… For Now

Jerry Snodgrass, Executive Director of the Ohio High School Athletic Association held a news conference Thursday, responding to questions from school administrators and members of the media at the OHSAA offices. 

Snodgrass as emphatic in stating cancellation is on the table in discussion pertaining to the Winter and Spring Sports seasons.

The State Tournaments for Girls Basketball, Ice Hockey and Wrestling and the remainder of the Regional Tournament for Boys Basketball were placed on hold as Governor Mike DeWine ordered an extended three week spring break for schools to lessen the spreading of the COVID-19 virus. 

Snodgrass said in another 24 to 48 hours, the OHSAA may make a decision to cancel the Winter Tournaments.

“We have to” said Snodgrass, adding “I think it’s imperative that we have to and cannot procrastinate. I do not want to lead people on. That’s the one thing I don’t want to do.”

As for the Spring season, the no contact extension for coaches and their players is still in place during the school break to April 6th. However, Snodgrass encourages kids to work out on their own.

The OHSAA is keeping the Spring Tournament dates on the calendar, but Snodgrass said he would keep an eye on what the Governor does pertaining to permitting schools to reopen or extended the current break. Then the OHSAA would have to revisit the calendar and what to do next.

Sectional tournament dates begin as early as May 9th for Softball with Track & Field, Baseball and Boys Tennis to follow. The Tennis State Tournament dates begin the last week of May, followed by Lacrosse, Softball and Track & Field the first week of June and Baseball the second week of June.

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