Ohio Announces More Dates For Re-Opening

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Ohioans will be able to get back to the gym, campgrounds, the BMV soon and child care centers can re-open May 31st.

Governor Mike DeWine said of opening the child care centers “We are taking a cautious approach” with the May 31st date. Monday DeWine noted concerns of re-opening child care centers to “make sure we get this right”. 

“Our goal is very simple” said DeWine “we’re going to do everything we can do to protect the children in child care, the workers and all the families. We wanna have the safest child care system in the nation… one that nurtures the health and continued growth and the development of our young people and one that protects the health and safety of our child care workers and teachers.” 

The Governor stressed child care will look much different moving forward as long as COVID-19 is around. DeWine added the last few weeks an advisory group headed by Joni Close, President of Sisters of Charity Foundation of Canton to set the requirements the centers will need to follow to re-open. 

“There will be changes at child care centers and for families” said Close. “Starting right the the children are dropped off, you’ll likely see your child care professional with a mask on. The caretakers will maybe ask the parents to don the mask as well.”

Close said daily temperature taking will be routine and additional guidelines will need to be followed.

Lt. Gov. Jon Husted announced additional dates for other sectors re-opening, including Ohio’s Bureau of Motor Vehicle locations, campgrounds, swimming pools, gyms and fitness centers, dance studios and horse racing. Regarding horse racing, Husted was quick to point out that does not include Ohio’s Casinos and Racinos, but the agricultural aspect of racing. “Guidance will be available (on www.coronavirus.ohio.gov) later today.” Husted also explained swimming does not include amusement parks or water parks, adding there’s an advisory panel working on guidelines for those facilities to be released at a later date.

Husted also addressed limited, non-contact sports leagues “like golf, softball, baseball, tennis, paddle sports of the like, this can also re-open, be re-established on May the 26th.” As for other sports, the Lt. Gov. said “We have work groups that are working on the higher contact sports as it relates to lacrosse, hockey, field hockey, soccer, basketball and others” noting that they present their own challenges.

This Friday (May 15th), restaurants will be permitted to serve outside dining to customers and hair salons, barbershops, massage therapy and tattoo parlors can re-open.


OHIO CORONAVIRUS NUMBERS: Statewide as of 2pm ET Thursday, Ohio has 26,357 total COVID-19 cases with 4,718 hospitalizations and 1,534 deaths due to the virus.


May 21st – Campgrounds 

May 22nd – Horse Racing (in the agricultural aspect) DOES NOT include Casinos and Racinos

May 26th – Ohio BMV’s, Swimming Pools and Limited Non-Contact Sports and Leagues; Gyms, Fitness Centers, Recreational Centers, Dance Studios (DOES NOTinclude amusement parks and water parks. Guidelines will be available by close of business May 15th at www.coronavirus.ohio.gov)

May 31st – Child Care Centers and Day Camps | WHAT PARENTS SHOULD KNOW