Majestic Theater Surveying Patrons

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Chillicothe’s Majestic Theater sent out an email Tuesday, surveying patrons as they move closer to reopening after the COVID-19 shutdown for theaters.

The survey, consisting of four simple questions, three of which gauge when patrons would feel comfortable about returning to the theater and the use of face coverings. There’s also a section to share a comment.


Like many others across the country, “America’s oldest continuously operating theater”, was forced to cancel shows in March.

The Majestic’s events calendar has The Motown Sounds of TOUCH as its first returning stage performance, scheduled for Saturday September 5th, 2020 followed by the Southern Ohio Storytelling Festival the following Friday and Saturday, September 11th and 12th.

Learn more about the Majestic and its current fundraising campaign at   

WCHI To Return To Full Power Soon

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For the last two weeks, listeners to WCHI (1350-AM) have had better reception on iHeartRadio to hear classic hits than their actual radio.

The reason, the station had to remove its tower and is operating at low power.

The station reported its tower’s foundation had weakened. Workers began dismantling the tower at its Eastern Avenue transmitter site June 16th.

Meanwhile, a remote broadcast van with a small mast is a temporary solution until the tower returns.

According to the WCHI’s website, it could be a couple of more weeks before the tower can be erected and have the music pumping at full power again.

Crews dismantle the WCHI broadcast tower at the station’s transmitter site on Eastern Avenue June 16, 2020.
Crews dismantle the WCHI broadcast tower at the station’s transmitter site on Eastern Avenue June 16, 2020.
A remote mast truck is being used to transmit a reduced signal for WCHI until its tower can be erected. Photo taken June 16, 2020.

Nursing Homes May Begin Outdoor Visitation July 20, 2020

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During his Monday news conference in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced beginning July 20, nursing homes in the state are permitted to have outdoor visitation as long as all safety standards are met. 

In a release from the statehouse, when assessing their readiness to permit outdoor visitation, nursing homes should consider:

  1. Case status in the surrounding community
  2. Case status in the nursing home
  3. Staffing levels
  4. Access to adequate testing for residents and staff
  5. Personal protective equipment supplies
  6. Local hospital capacity

The decision to move forward with outdoor visitation considered requests from families and residents and the impact on the quality of life that a prolonged loss of connection can have on an individual. The plan was made in consultation with advocates and providers in the aging and development disabilities communities. Guidelines for visitation were jointly developed by the Academy for Senior Health Sciences, Leading Age Ohio, the Ohio Assisted Living Association, the Ohio Health Care Association, and the Ohio Medical Directors Association.

“We are confident that our approach provides each facility the flexibility needed to assess their readiness to safely facilitate outdoor visitation and to do so in a transparent way that keeps residents and families informed,” said Governor DeWine.

The order and related guidance will be made available at  Questions may also be directed to the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman, an office within the Ohio Department of Aging, at 1-800-282-1206. 


Governor DeWine announced that he is extending existing health orders through this week as his administration finalizes vital plans to help local schools safely reopen, as well as plans to keep Ohioans healthy and safe.

“These plans will take us into the next phase, a distinct and different phase of continuing to keep Ohio open as we head into the second half of 2020,” said Governor DeWine. 

Details on this new phase are anticipated to be released on Thursday. 


Kings Island Opens Thursday; Debuts New Orion Coaster

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Kings Island is set to thrill visitors following a long wait due to restrictions created by the COVID-19 pandemic. The park will open its season Thursday July 2nd.

The newest attraction is Orion, noted as one of seven giga coasters in the world. Thrill seekers experience eight hills on just over a mile-long track at speeds of 91 miles per hour. Oh, did we mention the 300-foot drop from the first hill? READ MORE ABOUT ORION

According to the Kings Island official blog, the park neat Mason, Ohio will limit capacity to only season pass holders for the first visits to the park July 2 through July 11. All other visitors will be permitted July 12. Reservations are only available through the park’s online portal, either via the park website or its mobile app.

Face coverings will be required for all guests and associates as well as answering a health assessment questionnaire and temperature check before entering the park.