A Visit with Terri Tutt, Commissioner of the Frontier Athletic Conference

Presented by Hometown-Motors, Inc.

Frontier Athletic Conference Commissioner, Terri Tutt, visited with Litter Media’s Dan Ramey to discuss the pandemic’s affect on the Winter Sports season and the dilemma facing the Chillicothe Cavaliers seasons being suspended until January 5, 2021.

Tutt talks about the pandemic and its affect on the FAC and compares the wide spread postponements with the blizzards of the 1970s.

Much like in the fall, winter sports’ regular season games can be played right up to the week of the state championships.

Tutt also discusses the rescheduling Chillicothe will need to do because of suspending their seasons and the potential difficulties placed on swimming and bowling if fitness centers are closed,

Tutt shares what she learned from the FAC schools’ handling of the Fall Seasons and upcoming conference discussions.

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