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Chillicothe VA Director Meets With Congressional Members

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On February 1st, the Chillicothe VA Medical Center Director, Dr. Kathy Berger, held a call with Congressman Bill Johnson and a joint call with Senator Sherrod Brown and Senator Rob Portman.  Discussions centered on recent changes in the number of beds as well as other potential plans for the future of Chillicothe.

Dr. Berger responded to the congressional concerns about what services Chillicothe offers, staffing levels and how changes are discussed with stakeholders.   

Dr. Berger also shared plans for transforming other program areas within the Chillicothe VA, which may enhance/expand services and right-size staff with the workload and care being provided.  Some areas that have proposed changes include additional mental health services and rehab services. Those proposed changes are under review currently.

Veterans and staff are being assured by hospital administrators that the Chillicothe VA remains ready to care for Veterans’ needs. As a healthcare delivery system for Veterans, the hospital says they are committed to continually assessing Veterans’ needs in the 17 counties that they serve and meeting those needs in the most appropriate way possible.

The Chillicothe VA works with other VA partners in the south-central Ohio market to ensure that healthcare delivery options are widely available to Veterans, including care coordination across the market, partnership with community providers, maximizing virtual and tele-health options, as well as on site care at our main campus and CBOC locations.