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Highland County OSU Extension Offers Tips To Starting Meat Processing Business

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The Highland County OSU Extension Office is reporting that “a team of OSU business and meat science specialists have compiled a Meat Processing Business Tool Kit for people who are exploring the meat processing business”

The article appears on the Highland County Extension website, which points to the “decision-making aid for people exploring investing in or expanding a meat processing facility, this online tool kit can help entrepreneurs evaluate the business and navigate business planning”

Lynn Knipe, PhD, associate professor of food science and technology at Ohio State says the COVID-19 pandemic led to consumer shortages of meat in large supermarkets caused by disruptions in large packing plant operations. “As a result, consumers started shopping at smaller, local meat shops, that didn’t have shortages of meat. “This, in turn, increased business for the smaller meat processors to a point that people who were used to taking animals to their local slaughterhouse, had to schedule their animals much farther out than normal,” Knipe said.

For more details on the Meat Processing Business Tool Kit, go to the Highland County OSU Extension Office website article link provided below: CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS