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Brooks-Yates School To Close

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After almost 50 years of serving special needs children and young adults in Pickaway County, Brooks-Yates School in Circleville is closing.

Brooks-Yates is closing as a stand-alone school as special needs students have become more integrated into the general school population around the state. 

The current office is located at 200 East High Street in Circleville, but the school itself only has four students, according to Brooks Yates Administrator Mike Pelcic.

Pelcic told Litter Media they will maintain an office, but teachers will be sent to schools throughout Pickaway County to do their actual instruction with special needs students for the school they have been assigned.

The Pickaway County Board of Developmental Disabilities website says Brooks-Yates was established in 1967 by Fannie Brooks and Mary May Yates, although special needs students have been served in Pickaway County since 1961.

The program began as Brooks-Yates School, and offered the county’s first educational services for children with disabilities. Over the years, services provided by the Board have evolved to better meet needs within the current culture.

Services have been focusing on inclusion for people with disabilities within their community.