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Call Before You Dig

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It is that time of year again, where many Ohioans are back to enjoying and even working in their yards.

If your yard work includes any kind of digging beneath the surface of the ground, you are asked to keep these four words in mind. “Call Before You Dig!”

This safety reminder comes from the Call 811 Before You Dig Program, which will inform you as to whether the area in which you want to dig will be near electric or gas lines.

The One Call Process website says “Whether you’re planting a tree, shrub or garden, aerating your yard, installing a mailbox or building a fence or deck, contacting OHIO811 before you dig protects your home and your family. Avoid potential injury, property damage, and utility disruption by following the Law and digging safely. Learn how to contact OHIO811, the information you’ll need to provide, how utilities respond to your request, and more.”

The process to get this information is very simple. “Call (800) 362-2764 or 8-1-1 or visit e-dig and request the location of underground facilities near your proposed digging site.”

Knowing where gas, electric and other facilities cross your property will help protect your life, your property, and your wallet.

If you have hired an excavator to do work on your property, by law, it is the responsibility of the excavator to submit the one-call notification.

For more information, please refer to Ohio Revised Code 3781.25 (K) if you have any questions or need clarification.

Safe digging starts with you!