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More Area City Council Meetings Going To In-Person Sessions

Photo Courtesy of Word Press

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With the announcement from the Centers For Disease Control relaxing some COVID-19 mandates Tuesday, look for more government and civic groups to return to in-person public meetings.

In a survey of city councils in our region, most have returned to some form of public gathering, while maintaining social distance requirements.

Chillicothe City Council President Bruce Arnold has announced they will return to in-person sessions on May 10th, after meeting by Zoom over the past year.

City councils in Washington Court House, Circleville, Hillsboro, Jackson, Portsmouth, Lancaster and Logan have already returned or kept in-person sessions.

Each of the above mentioned are meeting with some type of mask wearing/social distance limitations for spectators in attendance as well as among council members.

The Village of Waverly is still meeting by Zoom, with Council Clerk Shelly Anderson saying she was not sure when they would return to in-person sessions.

Photo Courtesy of Word Press