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COSI Science Festival Gets Assist From Pickaway County Library & OSU Extension

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COSI Science Festival is virtual for the second year. This year Pickaway County Library & OSU Extension will help COSI team members put together a Rube Goldberg machine, a simple machine that does a simple task in a complicated way.

Please register to join the fun on May 6th at 6pm –

To work virtually alongside the team members, here are some suggested materials for your Rube Goldberg machine:

Book, Yarn or cotton string, Paper clip, 2 Rulers or one ruler and one piece of plastic car track, Large cylinder like oatmeal container or coffee can, Plastic or styrofoam cup, lightweight shallow container that can fit on one end of your second larger ruler, Small ball-like ping pong ball Dominoes or small wooden blocks, Toy car or truck, Tissue box, TapeSmall flat rock or magnet circles for counterweight.

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