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Ohio’s June 2 Relaxed COVID Regs Leads To More Seating Capacity at Outdoor Drama “Tecumseh!”

A scene of Tecumseh being carried off after being killed in battle. Dan Ramey/Litter Media

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A newsletter from Brandon Smith, CEO of the Scioto Society, states that Governor Mike DeWine’s announced June 2nd dropping of COVID-19 health orders will result in allowing more tickets to be sold for the 2021 outdoor drama “Tecumseh!”

Smith says- “New guidance from the CDC and the Governor of the State of Ohio have made us re-evaluate that plan.” 

Here’s what Smith says you need to know:

-We are opening up more tickets, but will still not be operating at 100% capacity.  We want to be sure to leave some breathing room for those who still may be hesitant to be in large crowds, but need to be able to maximize the value of each audience.  We also have hired a staff to be able to efficiently operate at a reduced capacity.  So we are in the process of opening up an additional 350 tickets per night, making our capacity about 950 people per night.  As the summer goes on, if we are able to open up more seats to meet demand, we will make that decision on a show by show basis. 

-Masks are no longer required throughout the facility, but are encouraged.  They WILL be required in the gift shop.

-Backstage tours will run in larger groups than our originally planned 10.  The first tour will leave at 3:15pm, and the last tour will leave at 5:30pm.

-The buffet will remain closed this summer, but a wider variety of food options will be available from the concession stand.

-You will see some Scioto Society employees in masks while you are here, and some that are not.  It has been our policy for over a year now to follow CDC recommendations.  All of our employees are fully vaccinated, and so the decision to wear a mask or not will lie with them.

Smith concluded with- “We are in the process of updating information on our website and ticketing system.  I expect by this time next week it will all be done.  We hope that you will join us this summer as we all take a moment to relax, enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the Sugarloaf Mountain Amphitheatre and enjoy a night of drama under the stars.”