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SOC Selects Track & Softball All League Honors

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The Southern Ohio Conference has announced their top athlete picks for both Track/Field and Softball.

In Track & Field: Division 2 “Girls Medalist” is Lauren Jolly of Wheelersburg, with Division 1 honor to to Abby Cochenour of Eastern Pike.

“Boys Medalists” are Landen Smith of Northwest for Division 2 and Ryan Benjamin from Valley in Division 1.

“Coaches of the Year” are Tanya Murphy of Waverly and Dave Franz of Northwest for Girls and Boys D-2, respectively. Division 1 “Coaches of the Year” are Jason Fell of Valley Boys team and co-coaches in Girls D-1 are Sue Bentley of Green and John Taylor of Notre Dame.

Softball All SOC Division 1 “Player of the Year” is Ava Jenkins of Green, “Pitcher of the Year” is Gwen Sparks of Notre Dame and “Coach of the Year” Odie Estep of Symmes Valley.

(First Team)
Claire Dettwiller, Isabell Cassidy and Gwen Sparks- Notre Dame
Megan Bazler and Preslee Lutz- Clay
Emily Estep and Kelsie Gothard- Symmes Valley
Ava Jenkins- Green
Jadlyn Lawson- New Boston
Mea Henderson- Western
Mia Caldwell- East

(Second Team)
Ava Hassel and Anna Dettwiller- Notre Dame
Shaley Munion and Kat Cochran- Clay
Kylee Thompson- Symmes Valley
Cassie Williams- New Boston
Morgan Whitley- Western
Kasey Kimbler- Green
Peyton Johnson- East

SOC Softball Division 2 “Player of the Year” is Macee Eaton of Wheelersburg, “Pitcher of the Year” is Sydney McDermott of Portsmouth West and “Coach of the Year” is Teresa Ruby of Wheelersburg.

(First Team)
Boo Sturgill, Rylie Hughes and Macee Eaton- Wheelersburg
Gwen Messer and Emma Bailey- South Webster
Zoiee Smith and Suzzy Wall- Waverly
Sydney McDermott- West
Andi Blevins- Minford
Jaclyn Burchett- Northwest
Kailey Adkins- Oak Hill
Andee Lester- Eastern Pike
Emily Johnson- Valley

(Second Team)
AndiJo Howard and Haley Myers- Wheelersburg
Bri Claxon and Skylar Zimmerman- South Webster
Abbi Marshall- Waverly
Kate Rollins- West
Mackenzie Koverman- Minford
Alexia Throckmorton- Northwest
Brenna Davis- Oak Hill
Chloe Dixon- Eastern Pike
Taylor Cunningham- Valley