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Sports Physicals Available Through Adena Health

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(CHILLICOTHE) – As many parents and young athletes know, it’s a standard requirement to get a sports physical before starting any new school sports season. Whether your student is in grade school or college, sports physicals are necessary to reduce sports-related injuries, discover underlying health issues, and help prevent any existing conditions that could lead to serious or even fatal physical issues.

To help student athletes and parents, Adena offers convenient opportunities for sports physicals and wellness exams through Adena Pediatrics and Adena Family Medicine and sports physicals are also available at Adena Urgent Care locations. If a child is due for an annual wellness exam, a sports physical can be included at the same time at all Adena Family Medicine and Pediatric locations. Most insurance will even cover this under one wellness visit, with no expense to you.

Getting a sports physical helps to set a baseline for young athletes. As students get older, their bodies change. Tending to or awareness of early potential issues, like changes in metabolism, aches from bone growth or joints, can allow Adena physicians to take preventative measures. Young athletes, knowing they may have an issue, weakness or sensitivity, can train to help overcome or avoid certain physical conditions.

Adena’s sports physicals are comprehensive exams, not just basic screenings. Patients will be examined by a physician or advanced practice provider who are specifically trained in assessment techniques used during these examinations such as:

·        Complete history and physical examination

·        Discussion of the child’s weight, height and body mass index

·        Nutrition, sleep habits, physical development and activity

·        Risks to health and safety, as well as preventive health recommendations

·        Status of chronic conditions

·        Immunization updates

There is also the opportunity to discuss important issues such as avoiding drugs, tobacco and alcohol. It helps develop an open, trusting relationship with the parents and patient so they can turn to their provider with questions or concerns when needed.

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