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Wildfire Risk Reduction Grant Available For Qualifying Rural Fire Departments

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service has allocated funds to Ohio through the Wildfire Risk Reduction program.

These funds will be distributed to fire protection agencies commensurate with program scope and federal guidelines.

The shaded area in the graphic to the right shows the ODNR Forestry Wildfire protection area. Only Fire Departments who provide primary fire service coverage within this area are eligible for this opportunity.

Among the guidelines are it is available only to fire departments who provide primary fire service coverage within the ODNR Forestry Wildfire Protection Area are eligible for this opportunity, the Fire Department must have a signed Cooperative Agreement for Wildland Fire Suppression to be eligible to receive this opportunity, and the grants are 50/50 matching reimbursement grants. This means a fire department that receives a grant must purchase the equipment prior to receiving reimbursement for 50% of the total project amount. A maximum of $3,000 has been placed upon the amount of federal reimbursement grant dollars to be awarded to any individual project.

Because of USDA Forest Service property control guidelines applied to items purchased using federal funding, no single item may exceed $4,999.00 in cost.

For a link with more information and the grant application PDF, go to the provided link. CLICK HERE:

The deadline for return of the application to the Division of Forestry is 6/14/2021.

Litter Media spoke with representatives of the Pebble Township Fire Department in November of 2020 about some of their firefighting equipment for brush fires used in Pike County, that came from a FEMA grant. Watch our video below.