Chillicothe 5th Street Water Tower Painting Nears Completion

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Workers finishing up the new coat of paint and refurbishing the West 5th Street Water Tower.
Dan Ramey/Litter Media

The painting of the City of Chillicothe’s Fifth Street Water Tower next to Ohio University-Chillicothe is nearing completion after beginning in mid-May of this year.

The water tower has a new City of Chillicothe logo and the tower is being painted all white.

The contractor completely removed both the interior and exterior paint on the Fifth Street elevated water storage tank, and is repainting it with a three coat system.

Moving backwards in the project phase, here is the evolution of the project as seen from photos Litter Media has taken of the painting work.

The (above) photo taken on June 18th shows the crown and wires used to drape a large curtain around the project, which keeps paint from landing on surrounding homes. The curtain was not present on the day our photo was taken due to the painters being off work that day.

The City of Chillicothe water tower on West 5th Street. Dan Ramey/Litter Media

Above is one of the photos from our original Litter Media article published on May 14th, where Chillicothe Utilities Director David Fishel said the painting of the Fifth Street elevated water storage tank was expected to take approximately 60 days to finish.

Ohio Fireworks Bill Vetoed By Governor DeWine

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(COLUMBUS)—Governor DeWine this afternoon vetoed Senate Bill 113, which would have made changes regarding Ohio fireworks safety laws. The following is the text of the Governor’s veto message:

“Pursuant to Article II, Section 16, of the Ohio Constitution, which states that the Governor may disapprove of any bill, I hereby disapprove of Substitute Senate Bill 113 and set forth the following reasons for so doing as it is not in the best interest of Ohioans.

“Substitute Senate Bill 113 (SB 113) would allow the discharge, by nonprofessionals, of fireworks, including bottle rockets, firecrackers, and aerial fireworks, at all hours of the day (twenty-four hours per day) on a minimum of twenty-five (25) separate holidays in a calendar year (if certain holidays fall on a Sunday then two days would be allowed for that holiday increasing the number of allowable days).    

“The bill doubles the allowable square footage of fireworks stores, increasing them from 5,000 sq. feet to 10,000 sq. feet, without requiring adequate safety features in those stores with enhanced square footage.

“Since the Scottown, Ohio, (Lawrence County) fireworks store tragedy in 1996, there have been 2 major studies, one by Battelle Labs in 2000 and another study by Southwest Research Institute in 2008 (produced for the fireworks industry) to help find better ways to build and operate fireworks stores.  SB 113 does not require compliance with the safety measures outlined in these studies but nevertheless doubles the square footage of stores that are selling these devices to the public.

“SB 113 would be a dramatic change in Ohio law, which would make Ohio one of the least restrictive states in regard to fireworks laws.    

“For these reasons, this veto is in the public interest.”

Storybook Trails Grant Funding Deadline Extension

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(COLUMBUS) – The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) is giving organizations more time to apply for $50,000 in Recreational Trails Program grants to build new Storybook Trails throughout Ohio. The new deadline to apply for the funding is August 13th.
“Ohio’s Storybook Trails are a great way for families to spend time outside while enjoying a book,” said First Lady Fran DeWine. “We’re excited to share this opportunity to build more trails with various other partners throughout the state.” 

The $5,000-$10,000 grants are available to cities and villages, counties, townships, special districts, state and federal agencies, and nonprofit organizations.  Funding must be used for:

  • Storybook Trail construction or maintenance
  • Storybook trailhead construction or maintenance
  • Interpretive signage for a Storybook Trail

The Recreational Trails Program is a reimbursement grant program that provides up to 80% project funding. This grant program is federally funded and is administered by the ODNR in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration. Applications for Storybook Trails through the Recreational Trails Program must be postmarked by August 13, 2021.  You can find the application and approval process here.
ODNR launched its Storybook Trail program in 2019 to promote the importance of literacy, a healthy lifestyle, and connecting with nature. There are currently 10 Storybook Trails at Ohio State Parks located at Alum Creek, Burr Oak, Dillon, Findley, Great Seal, John Bryan, Mary Jane Thurston, Maumee Bay, Sycamore, and Wingfoot Lake State Parks.  Each trail is approximately half-mile long with 15-20 child-height panels featuring pages of a children’s book and an activity to accompany the text on the page.  A Little Free Library can be found at each site and visitors can borrow books for free or donate books to the collection.
ODNR partnered with the Ohio Governor’s Imagination Library and Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library to provide story content for several of their trails and raise awareness of these valuable resources for Ohio families. The Ohio Governor’s Imagination Library provides one free book every month to children enrolled in the program from birth to age five. To learn more about the program and how to participate, visit

Ohio is lucky to be filled with Storybook Trails created by all types of park and library districts across the state. Use our interactive map of Storybook Trails in Ohio to learn more about the trails and where you can find them here.