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Make Canal Park A Destination On Your Next Visit To Circleville

The Pickaway County Welcome Center, 325 West Main Street, Circleville, Ohio. Mike Smith/Litter Media

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If you are into hiking, canoeing, a going on a picnic, you might consider Canal Park a place to visit on your next trip to the Circleville area.

Canal Park is approximately 16 acres, located along the Scioto River. This park features historic canal features, a walking path and scenic views of the Scioto River.

Located only two miles south-west of Circleville on Canal Road, Canal Park has a large open shelter house that can be reserved for events. The park also has a fire pit, a large flat greenspace, historic canal features, access to the Scioto River, a two-mile Towpath Trail and a 0.3 mile Scioto River Trail.

It is a great destination for picnicking, hiking, fishing, canoeing and kayaking, as well as those wanting to see a historic piece of the Ohio–Erie Canal.  All of which is pet friendly.


Map of Canal Park