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Trolley Trial Thursday & Friday in Downtown Chillicothe

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A sample of the trolley which will be on the street of Chillicothe’s downtown Thursday and Friday. Photo courtesy City of Chillicothe

Could it be the missing piece of Downtown Chillicothe’s revitalization?

The Chillicothe Transit System will be experimenting with a Trolley car on loan from the Bloomberg-Harvard Innovation Track this Thursday and Friday.

In a statement on the city’s website, the trolley will make snake its way through the First Capital District from 10:30am-6:30pm Thursday and from 12:00pm-8:00pm on Friday.

Chillicothe is one of eleven cities across the country participating in the program as part of the Bloomberg-Harvard City Leadership Initiative.

There’s no fee to ride the trolley and those sharing the roadway should give the same caution and courtesy as to a regular CTS bus.

While the two-day trial may present itself as a novelty, some may remember the days street cars roamed the streets of Chillicothe. While it may be new, it’s also a bit reminiscent to the First Capital’s past.

The City of Chillicothe’s announcement regarding the trial run for the trolley.
The stops the Trolley will be making and the route for those looking to ride. Photo courtesy City of Chillicothe