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Walnut Street Children’s School Adds New Curriculum This Year

Litter Media/Dan Ramey

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Students at Chillicothe’s Walnut Street Children’s School will be greeted by a new curriculum this fall when they return to class on September 8th.

School Director Debbie Rossman says they have transformed their STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) curriculum to STREAM, which adds a Religion component to the curriculum at the direction of the Walnut Street Children’s School Board. 

Litter Media’s Mike Smith visited with Director Debbie Rossman and School Board Chairman Jhan Corzine to discuss the changes as well as enrollment. Classes begin September 8th, 2021.

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Board member Jhan Corzine says- “We are very excited about the new curriculum and it allows us to take advantage of the fact that we are a church preschool and therefore we are entirely free to bring religion into our teaching practices and we always have.” 

Corzine says the teaching of the Bible and science will be basic at “an appropriate age level.”

The school expects enrollment to be up from the 40 it got down to last year in the pandemic. They currently have approximately 60 students registered for this year, but are hoping for more than 70, with their maximum limit being about 90.

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