COVID & Flu Vaccinations Can Be Administered At Same Time

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While this isn’t new information, there are still some people that are confused as to whether they can receive a COVID Vaccination at the same time they get an Influenza (flu) Vaccination.

To clarify, the Centers For Disease Control and the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) guidance states COVID-19 vaccines can be given during the same visit with other vaccines, including flu vaccine, if the recipient is eligible for the vaccines.

Considerations for Coadministration of COVID-19 Vaccines and Other Vaccines
While there is limited data on giving COVID-19 vaccines with other vaccines, including flu vaccines, experience with giving other vaccines together has shown the way our bodies develop protection and possible side effects are generally similar when vaccines are given alone or with other vaccines.


  • Whether the patient is behind or at risk of becoming behind on recommended vaccines.
  • Their risk of vaccine-preventable disease (e.g., during an outbreak or occupational exposures).
  • The reactogenicity profile of the vaccines (It is unknown whether reactogenicity of COVID-19 vaccine is increased with coadministration, including with other vaccines known to be more reactogenic, such as adjuvanted vaccines or live vaccines).

COVID-19 vaccine has been associated with enhanced local/injection site reactions l (e.g., pain, swelling, redness). If possible, administer COVID-19 vaccine and other reactogenic vaccines (e.g., MenB, Tdap) in different limbs. Clinical information and materials on COVID-19 vaccine products can be found here.

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