Artist Sought For ODNR/Great Seal Park Commissioned Monument Work

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(ODNR)- In remembrance of those lost to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ODNR Division of Parks and Watercraft is seeking design, production, and installation of a sculpture and two signage structures that display text (listed a close of RFP). The sculpture and signage structures should incorporate creativity and artistic elements to enhance the aesthetic and define the COVID-19 memorial grove located at the Great Seal State Park.

Great Seal State Park is dedicated to the wilderness spirit of Ohio. Ohio’s early statehood is centered in these rugged hills. Challenging trails take visitors to scenic vistas of distant ridgetops and the Scioto Valley below. These very hills are depicted on the Great Seal of the State of Ohio, from which the park gets its name. Ancient history is recorded in the sandstone hills that comprise Great Seal State Park. It lies upon the Appalachian escarpment, a line of hills stretching across Ohio’s mid-section which outline the edge of the Appalachian plateau in the state. North and west of the line are glaciated plains while south and east rugged hills extend to the foothills of the mountains. This definition is obvious from the trails in the park where one can see Columbus on a clear day to the north and unbroken forested ridges to the south.

Together the ODNR Division of Parks & Watercraft and Ohio Arts Council will accept proposals for a sculpture and two signage structures. Artist may propose up to three design concepts to be considered for acceptance. Design concepts include a sculpture and two signage structures. The signage structures should be compatible with the sculpture design. Proposal must be all inclusive of design concept, fabrication, delivery, and installation oversight.

The Work:

  • may be constructed of metal, stone, wood, or compatible materials.
  • must be constructed of durable materials suitable to the outdoor environment, and relatively maintenance-free.
  • should not include electrical or lighting elements.
  • must be family-friendly.

A landscape rendering of the site is included in this RFP. Artist may visit the site at 4908 Marietta Road, Chillicothe, OH 45601 for planning purposes.  

Text for each signage structure:
Sign Structure #1 – referred to as the Memorial Grove Sign. This would be located near the scenic vista:
On April 30, 2021, Governor Mike DeWine dedicated this site to honor the lives that were lost, the sacrifices, and the bravery of so many Ohioans to care for others during the COVID-19 Pandemic. May this memorial grove be a place of peace, solace, and remembrance for Ohioans of this time in our collective history.
Dedicated by Governor Mike DeWine
April 30, 2021

Sign Structure #2 – referred to as the Great Seal Sign. This would be located near the loop entrance:
The hills you are standing on were inspiration for the design of The Great Seal of the State of Ohio. The seal, first depicted in 1803, was often reconfigured until the present image was sanctioned by the Ohio General Assembly in 1967 and modified in 1996. In 1803 the law prescribed the sheaf of wheat to represent Ohio’s agricultural roots and the bundle of seventeen arrows to symbolize Ohio’s place as the seventeenth state in the Union. In the background is a range of hills, including Mount Logan, as viewed from Thomas Worthington’s estate, Adena, now a state memorial. The sun’s thirteen rays represent the thirteen original colonies. The Scioto River flows between the hills and the cultivated fields in the foreground. Tradition attributes the design to the cooperative vision of Thomas Worthington, the first U.S. Senator and “Father of Ohio Statehood,” Edward Tiffin, Ohio’s first governor, and William Creighton, Ohio’s first secretary of state. After an all-night meeting at Adena, they viewed the sun rising over Mount Logan and chose the scene for the state seal. Much of the land illustrated in the Great Seal of the State of Ohio now comprises Great Seal State Park.

Application Process:
Interested artists should complete the online form by visiting:
In addition to the four (4) images uploaded of color sketches of each proposed design:
1.  examples of similar work, four (4) maximum         
2.  a current resume/or artist statement as pdf
3.  statement of details of concept design, including budget, materials, and timeline (as one pdf)
Submitted proposals will be reviewed by the selection committee and the selected artist will be contacted for the next steps. 

Ross NAACP To Host Jubilee Day 2022

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Litter Media’s Mike Smith sat down with Ross County NAACP President Adrienne D’Souza Monday to discuss the upcoming Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday observance, during a Litter Media LIVE Special Edition.

(Tap photo below to watch the Litter Media LIVE Special Edition interview)

D’Souza says the Ross County NAACP will celebrate Jubilee Day 2022- “Press On, the Struggle Continues” at 4pm Sunday, January 16th at First Baptist Church, located at 65 West Fourth Street ion Chillicothe. Jubilee Day commemorates the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation by President Abraham Lincoln on January 1, 1863.

The speaker for this event will be the Reverend Robert Hitchens of Chillicothe, who also serves as Interim Pastor at Trydestone Missionary Baptist Church in Springfield, Ohio.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, masks are mandatory to attend this event. 

For any questions related to the celebration, contact Adrienne D’Souza, Ross County NAACP President at (740) 466-5280.  

Ohio University Provides Updated COVID-19 Guidance for Spring Semester

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(Athens) – Ohio University continues to monitor the dramatic increase in COVID-19 infections due, in large part, to the Omicron variant and in order to prioritize in-person teaching and learning, have implemented some additional COVID-19 protocols for the beginning of Spring Semester to help preserve those essential components of campus life.

Over the past several days, public health experts have seen a significant rise in positivity rates and case counts across the state. Likewise, cases are rising exponentially within the OHIO community, so the University is implementing several strong prevention methods across our campuses to help thwart the spread of disease. With that in mind, beginning immediately, the following guidelines will be implemented across our campuses until further notice: 

New guidance for in-person events and meetings

  • As we have stated before, we will continue to prioritize our in-person classes, but due to the recent increase in the Omicron-related case numbers, when possible, other in-person events, gatherings or meetings should be transitioned to virtual formats. The University will closely monitor this so that it can be updated as needed.
  • Food and drinks should not be served at any in-person event, gathering or meeting. Exceptions can be made for third-party space rentals that have already been confirmed, although masking should be strictly enforced. Third-party renters are defined as organizations that are not affiliated with the University. A University department renting event space from another University unit/facility is not a third-party rental.
  • Concessions will be closed at all University-related events. Water will be available.

Updated Face Covering Requirements

  • Ohio University’s Presidential Health Directives require all individuals to wear a face covering in indoor public spaces on OHIO campuses, and on public transportation. Students, faculty, and staff should use N95, KN95, KN94, or surgical masks whenever possible, regardless of vaccination status. 
  • For those who do not have access to the recommended masks, the University will provide a limited number at the beginning of the semester, while supplies last. Masks are available for pickup by Athens-based students at the fourth-floor information desk at Baker Center, on the second and fourth floor service desks at Alden Library, and at the Ping Center. Regional campus students can access masks through Student Services. Masks for faculty and staff on all campuses will be ordered and distributed by the planning unit’s PPE coordinator. Faculty and staff are encouraged to make masks available in classrooms, administrative offices, and other common areas for individuals who need them.
  • All employees are asked to remind others of University policies related to face coverings, and it is our expectation that all students, faculty, and staff will take appropriate precautions to help keep our campuses and communities safe, including wearing face coverings as articulated in the Presidential Health Directives.

Updated Testing Requirements

  • The following groups will be required to complete weekly asymptomatic testing until further notice, with the first test to be completed by end of day on Friday, January 14.
  • All students living in University housing, regardless of vaccination status.
  • All student members of social sororities and fraternities, regardless of vaccination status.
  • All students and employees who have an approved exemption for the University’s vaccination requirement.
  • All new students and employees who have not yet taken action on the University’s vaccination requirement or are in process.

Vaccinations and Boosters

  • All OHIO students, faculty and staff must be vaccinated against COVID-19 or have an approved exemption. You are required to upload your vaccination record online.
  • The University strongly encourages all students, faculty, and staff to get a booster shot. Please upload your booster record as soon as possible so that you can avoid quarantine if exposed to the virus.  Vaccine/booster clinics are scheduled on the Athens campus every Friday in January. Information about those clinics and where to get vaccinated or boosted anywhere in Ohio is available here.

What to do if you’re feeling sick

If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, regardless of vaccination status, follow steps outlined in our COVID-19 Protocol:

  • Seek medical attention and complete a COVID-19 Incident Report form. An OHIO COVID Campus Liaison (CCL) will advise you on further steps.
  • Get tested. Contact a healthcare provider to arrange a test/provider visit
    • Athens-campus based students: call Campus Care at 740-592-7169.
    • All other students, faculty, and staff: contact your primary care provider. If you don’t have a primary care provider, a CCL can advise you on options in your area.
  • Stay home and avoid others. It is important to note that students may need to return home to their permanent address to isolate.

Throughout the pandemic, Ohio University has successfully encouraged our University community to share responsibility for minimizing the spread of COVID-19.

For more information about Ohio University’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, visit the Be Safe Bobcats website.