Pike Water Company Performing Major Water Repair Project Near Lake White

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Pike County Water Company is announcing a major repair project that will be done in the Lake White area. The project was originally scheduled for January 28th, but due to bad weather, has been moved to 8:30am Monday, January 31st.

The following areas will have no water or low pressure due to a water leak repair, once the water is restored you will need to boil your water until further notice.

Repair work will be done in the area starting at the intersection of State Route 220 and State Route 551 going north to the intersection of State Route 220 and Fish & Game Road.

Customers will also be impacted on State Route 551, Gregory Road, Jefferson Road, Simonton Road, Lakeview Road, Lake White Road & Lake Road.

IMAP Training Gives Grant Boost for 3 Southern Ohio Schools

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(Columbus)—Ohio’s Office of Workforce Transformation has announced that 14 training providers located throughout the state will receive a total of $2.93 million in awards to support 2,336 credentials through the Individual Microcredential Assistance Program (IMAP). Three of these are in southern Ohio, two of which are in Scioto County.

This is the second round of the initiative, which helps Ohioans who are low income, partially unemployed, or totally unemployed participate in a training program and receive one or more technology-focused credential(s) for free.

The selected training providers, which include four-year universities, career centers, and private businesses, will be reimbursed up to $3,000 for each completed technology-focused credential issued.

“IMAP gives individuals the opportunity to earn in-demand, technology skills so they can get higher-paying jobs in a very short amount of time,” said Lt. Governor Husted. “Ohio businesses across all industries need to compete in today’s economy, and this program provides them a pipeline of ready-to-go talent.”

A variety of credential pathways that align with specific job opportunities will be available for individuals including IT Support Specialist, IT Security Associate, IT Networks Specialist, Data Analyst, Web Developer, UX/UI Designer, Robotic Technician, Digital Marketing Specialist, Cloud Engineer, and more. Training will be offered in-person and online, allowing Ohioans to take advantage of IMAP from anywhere in the state.

Awarded training providers include:

  • Global Lynx, Inc.
  • MAX Technical Training, Inc.
  • Miami University
  • My Career IT LLC
  • National Center for Urban Solutions
  • Ohio University
  • Portage Lakes Career Center
  • Scioto County Career Technical Center
  • Shawnee State University
  • South-Western City School District
  • Strategic Leadership Solutions LLC
  • University of Cincinnati
  • Youngstown State University

“Ohio is on the move, and we need more people skilled in high-tech jobs to keep the momentum going,” said Lydia Mihalik, director of the Ohio Department of Development. “These credentials will mean better jobs and more pay for workers.”

Ohio has invested more than $5 million in IMAP over the last two years. The first round of IMAP awarded 11 training providers just under $2.22 million in September of 2020.

Individuals interested in earning a credential or learning more about the program can visit the recently updated IMAP website at: Workforce.Ohio.gov/IMAP.

Ed Yates Hired To Lead Huntington Huntsmen Football Program

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The Huntington Huntsmen have a new head football coach with the hiring of one of their assistants, Ed Yates. Yates takes over the coaching position left vacant by the resignation of Scott Keller, who has since been added to Chillicothe’s football staff under new head coach Scott Bartholomew.

Ed Yates, Head Coach – Huntington Huntsmen Football Photo by Paradise Ater for Litter Media

Yates has succeeded as head coach in both baseball and softball at various schools, and has been instrumental in successful football programs as an assistant coach. Ed will also remain the baseball coach at Huntington.

Ed Yates communicated with Litter Media’s Mike Smith on why he felt impressed to apply for the football position at Huntington.

“I love the students at Huntington and believe in them in the classroom as well as in sports. I would like to reflect Jesus in everything I do. I want to live a life where they can see someone who’s consistent and real in what they say they believe”, said Yates.

“I want them to see that they can use the game of football to learn life lessons on how to deal with the success and defeats that this life will throw at them. I would like to bring a positive role model figure into their lives that will show them how to become young men who will one day become awesome husbands and fathers to their families.”

Ed says he believes that discipline is what our young people need in all aspects of life. “I want to teach them that being disciplined is freeing. If we are a disciplined team, we will be free of the many negative consequences that come from being undisciplined. If we will keep our focus on taking care of us and doing things right, the other stuff will take care of itself.”

Here is the impressive resume of coaching stops for Ed Yates:
(DC beside the years that I’ve been Defensive Coordinator)…
*Bradford (Kent Shaffer)- 1989, 1990
*Greenfield McClain (Troy Dawson) – 1991
*Adena (Jake Grooms) – 1992, 1993
*Madison Plains (Tony Brake) – 1994 (DC)
*Adena (Howard Zody) – 1995, 1996, 1997
*Adena (Paul Thomas) – 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
*Chillicothe (Ron Hinton) – 2016
*Huntington (Scott Keller) – 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

Baseball- Head Coach
*Madison Plains – 1995
*Adena – 1997-2007, 2011-2012
*Huntington – 2018 – Present

Softball – Head Coach
*Adena – 2009, 2010

Cross Country – Head Coach
*Adena – 2012, 2013, 2014