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Pioneer Center Receives “Keeping Families Together” Grant

The Pioneer Center on County Road 550, Chillicothe, Ohio. Dan Ramey/Litter Media

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(Ross County)- The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) has announced Pioneer Center will receive grant funding through the Keeping Families Together (KFT) Iniative through June 2023. The KFT Initiative aims to assist families with keeping their children in their homes and communities by making available funds to provide respite services and other supports for youth with complex behavioral health needs to enable them to remain in their homes. Many of these youth have a history that includes significant trauma and are at the greatest risk of being removed from their homes, entering juvenile justice or child welfare, and being retraumatized.

DODD awarded Pioneer Center the funding of over $60,000 based on the needs of the youth in the Ross County community. Respite services have been available on a limited basis; increasing the funding will further make this support available to more Ross County children and families in crisis. This grant will also fund the unmet need for parent training for families of multi-system youth and children with intensive behavioral health needs. Funding will also cover a unique service — young adult peer supporters who will work with Ross County youth and families. These peer supporters will be able to give their perspectives as ones who has lived through similar experiences.

The following Pioneer staff were integral to receiving this funding: Greg Williamson, Residential Services Director, Laura Martin, SSA Director, Pam Stewart, SSA Lead, Laurie Martin, Positive Supports Coordinator, Todd Tinker, FCFC Coordinator, and Missy Ramey, Family Connections Coordinator.

Pioneer Center continues to create meaningful services and partnerships for the individuals we serve and the families who support them.