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Waverly Police Crack Down on Speeders

Photo Courtesy of Word Press

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Waverly Police Chief John says excess speed by motorists is creating a high rate of crashes on Emmitt Avenue.

“I am requesting assistance from the community after reviewing the number of crashes that occurred in the year 2021 on Emmitt Avenue. The Waverly Police Department has handled 64 traffic crashes last year on Emmitt Avenue alone. The majority of those crashes were non-injury. So far this year, we have handled 12 crashes on Emmitt Avenue with one being an injury accident on 2.21.22.” 

The major causes of these accidents along Emmitt Avenue are Red Light Violations or Speed related. 

“My officers and I will be aggressively patrolling Emmitt Avenue. I have directed officers to focus on Red Light Violations, Speeding Violations, and aggressive driving on Emmitt Avenue. I want the community to be aware of what the department is doing; this is not an attempt to see how many citations the department can write, but an attempt to reduce the number of traffic accidents.”

Chief Winfield concluded with- “I am asking for the community to help by obeying the posted speed limit of 35 mph. I encourage the community not to attempt to beat the light, especially while making a left turn. Please, slow down and be patient.”