John Schneider – Bringing Bo’s Extravaganza to Atomic Speedway

Presented by Atomic Speedway

For seven seasons, John Schneider was one of those “good ol’ boys, never meanin’ no harm” as Waylon Jennings sang in the theme song for the hit TV series “Dukes of Hazzard”.

Schneider was introduced to TV audiences on Friday night from 1979-1985 as Bo Duke, who with his brother Luke made action packed moves in the General Lee out foxing the local Sheriff and his Deputy.

In the years since, he appeared in more than 80 television shows, nearly 50 films and released 25 country music albums. His most recent work is “Southern Ways” featuring the single “Younger Man”.

In an interview with Litter Media’s Dan Ramey, Schneider talks about his acting career, his music, his relationship with Johnny Cash, breaking away from Hollywood and Nashville to form his own production company and the “Big Machine” a.k.a, the Country Music industry.

Schneider also still enjoys racing cars. May 6-8, he’ll bring Bo’s Extravaganza: On The Road to Chillicothe’s Atomic Speedway. The three day event features a meet and greet with Schneider, Rides with Bo in the General Lee, autographs, VIP movie screening of “Poker Run”, concerts by Schneider and his band Stars & Bars and Cody McCarver. And yes, racing both Friday and Saturday nights.

For ticket information CLICK HERE or visit Atomic Speedway.

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