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Whaley Seeks 6 Month Suspension of Ohio Gas Tax

Nan Whaley delivers 4-point Appalachian Plan as candidate for Ohio Governor

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(Dayton) – Nan Whaley, the Democrat Party nominee for Ohio Governor, has repeated her call for Governor Mike DeWine to suspend the state’s gasoline tax for six months.

“Axios has reported that Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, and Dayton were among the country’s top ten cities with the highest percentage change in annual commuting costs.”

Last month, Whaley called on the Governor to suspend the tax between July 1st and December 31st, 2022, in order to provide immediate relief to Ohioans struggling with the skyrocketing cost of gas. 

Thus far, Governor DeWine has declined that request.

Whaley suggested ensuring that any lost money from the gas tax suspension is made up for by either directing funds from the state’s Rainy Day Fund, or from the federal infrastructure funds to states to the Ohio Department of Transportation and local governments so they can continue their important work of improving Ohio’s infrastructure.

“Ohioans deserve a governor who responds to crisis with action. Not one who sees working families paying more and struggling to make ends meet and simply shrugs his shoulders,” said Whaley/Stephens for Ohio Communications Director, Courtney Rice.