DAR Promotes Constitution Week Observance

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The United States Constitution will be celebrated during Constitution Week, September 17-23. 

The Ross County Daughters of the American Revolution will sponsor activities throughout that week to bring light to the document that provides the rights we all have as American citizens.

The Unioto Middle School will conduct a Constitution Day Assembly at 1:30pm on September 16th, with the Colonial Militia there to present the colors and an actor portraying James Madison- to talk about the writing of the Constitution.  All 530 students will be given miniature bells to ring to celebrate the Constitution.  

Terressa Reep of the D.A.R. will be a guest on Litter Media Special Edition at approximately 10am on September 15th to discuss the week-long observance. The DAR will also be providing our Facebook #LitterMediaLIVE program a “Constitution Minute” for us to present during our This Day In History segment, every weekday through September 19th-23rd.