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Chillicothe Rec Asks For Input For 6th Ward Park Ideas

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(Chillicothe) – The City of Chillicothe is looking to bring the Sixth Ward its first park, thanks to several partnerships across the community.

The property, which is currently owned by former Councilwoman Pat Patrick, is in front of City Council to be accepted as donation for use as a park. The Sixth Ward is the only ward in the city without a park currently.

“As we continue linking partnerships to develop the park, we want to hear from the community about what park components should be included. This feedback will be incorporated to guide the design of the park. Design options will be shared with the public for further feedback before implementation”, according to the City of Chillicothe website.

The Sixth Ward is the only ward in the city without a park within its boundaries. Further, the Sixth Ward is located in the census tract with some of the greatest health disparities in our city with 48.5% residents experience obesity, 30% of children in poverty, and the lowest life expectancy in the city at 68.9 years.

The Ohio Department of Health advocates that parks play a major role in health. Parks have been shown to increase physical health and well-being and improve mental health by increasing opportunities for social interactions, as they act as a gathering space for communities.

To find the survey link on the City of Chillicothe website- CLICK HERE:

To learn more about more about park access and health, check out this quick guide from the Ohio Department of Health here.