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90% of Ohio’s Retail to Reopen Tuesday

(Photo by Jason Mowry on Unsplash)

During his news conference Monday afternoon, Governor Mike DeWine said 90% of Ohio’s retail shops will be open for business come Tuesday May 12th.

Those businesses are also expected to follow the Responsible Restart Ohio guidelines SEE MORE HERE.

“Each individual business will determine if customers will be required to wear face coverings” said DeWine.

Next in the phase to reopen Ohio, salons, barbershops and outdoor dining at restaurants Friday May 15th with indoor dining May 21st. READ MORE HERE

The Governor said his team isn’t ready to make an announcement regarding Child Care Services.

As for Ross County, Chillicothe-Ross Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Mike Throne said while guesting on The City of Chillicothe Ohio’s Facebook Page with Mayor Luke Feeney, “Follow the rules. Now’s not the time to decide you’re gonna try to do something outside of the rules.” Throne was citing his words to Chamber members last Friday.

“It’s time to get things together and start opening and hopefully start your business’s recovery.”

Monday morning conversation with Chillicothe Ross Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Mike Throne about how we reopen.

Posted by City of Chillicothe, Ohio on Monday, May 11, 2020


As of 2pmET Monday, statewide total cases number 24,777 with 4,413 hospitalizations and 1,357 total deaths.

Cases by county in the Scioto Valley Region: Fairfield, 178; Fayette, 23; Highland, 12; Hocking, 22; Jackson, 8; Pickaway, 1,933; Pike, 5; Ross, 53; Scioto, 13; Vinton, 12 


CCI: 1 staff testing positive, 6 inmates in isolation, 6 testing positive, 1 pending results

RCI: None affected

PCI: 107 staff testing positive, 1 death, 64 recovered, 404 inmates testing positive, 27 confirmed deaths, 19 pending results and 1,231 recovered.


PPE to Ohio, Graduations & Masks Take Center Stage

The much needed personal protective equipment (PPE) is on the way according to Ohio Governor Mike DeWine.

During his daily news conference Wednesday, DeWine said the state has shipped 4.1 million pieces of PPE throughout the Buckeye State.

Local Emergency Management Agencies have the task of distributing the product, which reportedly includes 500,000 N95 masks.

The Governor also announced $16 million in grant funding has been made available to local authorities for use by law enforcement, courts and probation offices in the fight against coronavirus for the purpose of purchasing cleaning supplies, covering overtime hours and medical needs for inmates.

DeWine also addressed graduation ceremonies and celebrations. He’s asked the Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio Department of Health to work together to advise the state’s 612 school districts with planning their commencement ceremonies. Districts are urged to work with their local health departments to gain approval of their plans for graduations. 


DeWine then segued into graduation parties saying it’s a “time to graduate, NOT the time to have a graduation party.” While sympathizing with those associated with the Class of 2020, he then directed parents to www.coronavirus.ohio.gov for guidance for such celebrations. “Our guidelines are no more than 10 people.”  

Face covering were very much a topic of conversation following the Governor’s recommendation regarding masks last Monday. Many were confused after face coverings were first mandated for all employees and customers inside of businesses.

After backing down on the mandate Tuesday, more clarification was addressed by Lt. Gov. Jon Husted Wednesday. “For Ohioans, when you are a customer in an Ohio business, you should wear a face covering.” Said Husted. “But you are not required to wear a face covering.” Husted explained the idea was not to protect the wearers, but to protect the public from an asymptomatic wearer labeling it as a courtesy to one another.

Husted did outline there are a few exceptions for which the requirement is waived, such as:

  1. Workers prohibited by law or regulation from wearing a facial covering on the job
  2. Wearing a face covering is against documented industry best practices
  3. When it’s not advisable for health purposes
  4. When a face covering is in violation of a company’s safety policies
  5. When an employee is sitting alone in an enclosed work space
  6. When it’s not practical, i.e. in conditions of extreme heat 

Should a business or employee believe they qualify for an exception, they have to be ready to provide written justification upon request.

As of 2pmET Wednesday, statewide total cases number 17,303 with 3,421 hospitalizations and 937 total deaths.

Cases by county in the Scioto Valley Region: Fairfield, 129; Fayette, 15; Highland, 11; Hocking, 16; Jackson, 4; Pickaway, 1,722; Pike, 3; Ross, 37; Scioto, 8 and Vinton, 5.

Local Prisons:

  1. CCI: 5 inmates in isolation, 4 testing positive
  2. RCI: None affected
  3. PCI: 93 staff testing positive, 1 death, 28 recovered, 1,477 inmates testing positive, 19 confirmed deaths, 1 pending results and 67 recovered.


DeWine Announces Partnerships in COVID-19 Testing

In the coming weeks, watch for COVID-19 testing to become more prevalent in Ohio.

In his daily news conference Friday, Governor Mike DeWine announced through the efforts of former Governors Dick Celeste and Bob Taft heading the Ohio Coronavirus Testing Strike Force, a partnership with Thermo Fisher for increasing the kits necessary for COVID-19 testing.

The major reason for the conservative use of Ohio’s of test kits has been shortage of supply. Additionally, swabs used in testing have been difficult to come by. DeWine says that will be solved by a second partnership with Cleveland area based ROE Dental Laboratory, which will be able to produce one million swabs for the tests.

DeWine laid out a production structure beginning April 29th will see Ohio with the ability to test 7,200 people a day, expanding to 22,000 by May 27th.

The Governor added the state will have the ability to be more aggressive with testing in nursing homes, attacking hot spots should they happen, test in homeless shelters as well as homes for developing disabled and workers in the food service, grocery and manufacturing industries.

This Monday, DeWine plans to detail the process to re-open Ohio after May 1st, the final day of the extended Ohio Stay-At-Home Order.

Governor Announces Stay-At-Home Order

In his daily news conference on Ohio’s battle with the COVID-19 outbreak, Governor Mike DeWine announced a stay-at-home order Sunday.  

“It’s time… it’s time we had to make this into an order.” 

As of 2pm ET Sunday, Ohio has 351 reported cases of coronavirus and three deaths. The cases are spread across 40 of the state’s 88 counties.

See the order here: https://coronavirus.ohio.gov/wps/portal/gov/covid-19/home/public-health-orders/directors-order-to-stay-at-home

Prior to Sunday’s conference, DeWine had Ohio Department of Health Director Dr. Amy Acton sign the order. The Governor stressed this is not a suggestion, but an order which will go into effect at 11:59pm Monday.

The order permits essential business to remain open, but to continue to use the practices in regards to social distancing. Leaving home for essential activities is permitted for health and safety, necessary supplies and services, for outdoor activities, certain types of work and to take care of others. 

The Governor added the actions taken now will determine the impact of the virus. The state is doing “everything that we can because that’s going to impact the future, that’s going to impact where this virus goes.”

DeWine reiterated history is on the side of acting early. “If you don’t do these things early enough you pay the price” said the Governor “and the price you pay is a lot of people dying.”

Lt. Governor Jon Husted explained the State has turned to business and manufacturing sectors for keeping their operations running. Homeland Security lists 16 critical infrastructure sectors which Ohio has used to guide them. 

“We need consistency in the supply chain” said Husted. “We worked with them using the Homeland Security Document on that basis, because they (Homeland Security) really want state’s to be consistent.”

The alphabetical listing includes:

Chemical Sector

Commercial Facilities Sector

Communications Sector

Critical Manufacturing Sector

Dams Sector

Defense Industrial Base Sector

Emergency Services Sector

Energy Sector

Financial Services Sector

Food and Agriculture Sector

Government Facilities Sector

Healthcare and Public Health Sector

Informational Technology Sector

Nuclear Reactors, Materials and Wast Sectors 

Transportation Systems Sector

Water and Wastewater Systems Sector

While Ohioans are permitted to go outside for exercise but playgrounds are closed.

Grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, will remain open.  

Fore more details visit www.coronavirus.ohio.gov