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City of Chillicothe Sets Dates For Community Yard Sales

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The City of Chillicothe will expand their community yard sales to occur in conjunction with large-item pickup, which means they will occur over five consecutive weekends.

Community yard sales will occur the week before residents’ large-item pickup. Those who wish to participate on their correct weekend, will have the permit fee waived. Those conducting a yard sale on a weekend that doesn’t correspond with their large-item schedule, will pay the $5 permit fee. The change is intended for yard sale hosts to dispose of non-sold items.

Here is the schedule:
Yard Sale: June 3, 4 and 5
Large Item: June 6-10

Yard Sale: June 10, 11, and 12
Large Item: June 13-17

Yard Sale: June 17, 18, and 19
Large Item: June 20-24

Yard Sale: June 24, 25 and 26
Large Item: June 27-July 1

Yard Sale: July 1, 2, and 3
Large Item: July 4-8

Chillicothe 2022 Large Item Pickup Schedule

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The City of Chillicothe will conduct their large item pickup service for 2022, beginning the week of June 6-10.

Acceptable items for pickup include: sofas, chairs, mattresses, and other similar pieces of furniture.

Items not permissible for pickup include: washers/dryers, refrigerators, freezers, hot water tanks, heaters, old radios, televisions, computer equipment, air conditioning units, construction materials from demolition, tires, batteries, and hazardous materials.

The collections will be done on the same day as your regular garbage pickup, using a different truck. The schedule is as follows:

Monday June 6-10
Tuesday June 13-17
Wednesday June 20-24
Thursday June 27- July 1
Friday July 4-8

Large items MUST be separate from your weekly trash and placed at the curb.

Ross County Park District Bike Path Update

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Joe Letsche of the Ross County Park District took to his Facebook page to present a maintenance update on the county’s bike path that stretches between Chillicothe and the Ross/Fayette County line.

Here is Letsche’s full Facebook post, with details of upcoming maintenance plans:

“Just like with any initiative, project, or ‘thing’, there are lots of rumors and misinformation floating around about the bike path. This is understandable and it’s just the nature of the beast…but please allow me to try and clear up a few things in the spirit of minimizing the misunderstandings.”

*1.) The bike path between Chillicothe and Washington CH is owned and maintained by three separate entities. The City of Chillicothe has ownership and maintenance responsibility of approximately 3 miles within the city limits. The Ross County Park District owns approximately 22 miles, from the city corporation limit out to the Fayette County line. (Similarly, the Ross County Park District does not own nor maintain Yoctangee Park, nor any park within the city limits). The remaining 7 miles in Fayette County are owned by the Triangle Trail Association (a non-profit volunteer group).

*2.) The recently awarded grant money ($150,000) that will help construct the new half-mile segment into the Coppel Athletic Complex cannot be used for upgrade or maintenance of the existing bike path or for any other project. It can only be used for the construction of new bike path. Grant money for bike path maintenance and upkeep is extremely difficult to come by. (We look under every rock for funding, and we’ve recently applied for a $1.2 million capital grant from the State of Ohio to help with maintenance. Fingers crossed!) 

*3.) The maintenance challenges on the Park District’s 22 mile stretch are complex and extremely expensive. The Park District Board of Commissioners have recently initiated a comprehensive maintenance assessment that will help shape a strategic plan for the bike path over the next 20 years. I am currently seeking cost estimates from engineers and contractors for such things as bridges, asphalt, vegetation control, signage, etc to help provide a financial snapshot of what lies ahead. We’ve recently also deployed people counters at several locations along the trail and the first batch of numbers are in.

“For the period of March 18th – April 10th, the bike path bridge over High Street saw an average of 61 users per day. The Frankfort park area saw 25 users per day. The Ross/Fayette County line saw 1 user per day. These examples demonstrate what you might expect…that the highest bike path use is closer to the city and the lowest use is closer to the Ross/Fayette County line. We’ll use this data, along with cost estimates and other information, to build the strategic plan. Our goal is to have a plan in place by this summer.”

“I’m always happy to answer any questions to the best of my ability. I’m a staunch believer in transparency!”

State of the Community Update Slated For April 29th

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(Chillicothe) – An update on the Chillicothe/Ross County community will be presented by local leaders from multiple perspectives on the morning of April of 29th.

Presenters include:

  • Chamber CEO Mike Throne
  • Chillicothe City Schools Superintendent Debbie Swinehart
  • All three Ross County Commissioners – Dwight Garrett, Doug Corcoran, and James Lowe
  • Chillicothe Mayor Luke Feeney

Each will address the achievements of their respective areas and what the community can expect in the near future.

A continental breakfast and coffee from Deeply Rooted Cafe will be served starting at 8am at the downtown events venue The Postmark, 105 South Paint Street in Chillicothe. Presenters will begin at 9am.

Chillicothe’s State of the Community will take place at The Postmark on April 29th.

Reserve your spot [beginning April 13th] by using https://chillicotheohio.com/events/.