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Ross County Fair: Saturday & Sunday Show Results

Presented by Hometown-Motors, Inc.

2020 Ross County Fair Sheep Show Results:

2020 Grand Champion Lamb & Reserve Grand Champion Lamb: Weston Stevens, We’re Growin & Showin; 3rd, Maeghan Lewis, Hare & Livestock Raisers; 4th, Landon Daugherty, Frogtown Thrifters; 5th, Carter Cox, Ruff N Tuff

Sheep Showmanship
Class 1 (Beginner, Ages 8-11, First year showing): 1st, Landon Daugherty, Frogtown Thrifters; 2nd, Lacy Estep, We Feed Em Well; 3rd, Scarlett Chaney, American Made; 4th, Wyatt Ewing, Jr. Livestock Growers
Class 2 (Junior, Ages 8-11): 1st, Alex Long, All 4 One; 2nd, Clara Ewing, Jr. Livestock Growers; 3rd, Abigail Thornton, Ultimate Survivor; 4th, Olivia Renner, Hallsville Friendly Neighbors
Class 3 (Intermediate, Ages 12-14): 1st, Hayden Good, Jr. Livestock Growers; 2nd, Grace Hensley, Granny’s Bunch; 3rd, Gabriel Renner, Hallsville Friendly Neighbors; 4th, Micah Good, Ragged Ridge Ramblers; 5th, Kaiden Long, All for One; 6th, McKenzie Kitchen, Gone Country; 7th, Courtney Walters, Ultimate Survivors
Class 4 (Ages 15 and older): 1st, Weston Stevens, We’re Growin & Showin; 2nd, Payton Britton, Jr. Livestock Growers; 3rd, Cade McKee, RC Gang; 4th, Paige Huggins, Amazing Country Kids; 5th, Owen Kline, Buckskin Ramblers; 6th, Nakita Miller, We Feed Em Well



Dog Show Results:

Class BNA: 1st, Jayden Higgins, P.V. Hustlers
Class BNB: 1st, Kendra Hupp, 4-H Dog Lovers; 2nd, Brooklyn Martin, 4-H Dog Lovers; 3rd, Brooklynn Fisher-Riffle, 4-H Dog Lovers
Class PN: 1st, Macy Long, 4-H Dog Lovers; 2nd, Gracyn Arledge, 4-H Dog Lovers
Class JRA: 1st, Cole Leasure, Panther Power
Class JRB: 1st, Gracyn Arledge, 4-H Dog Lovers; 2nd, Brooklyn Martin, 4-H Dog Lovers
Class INTB: 1st, Brooklynn Fisher-Riffle, 4-H Dog Lovers
Class SRB: 1st, Macy Long, 4-H Dog Lovers

Poultry Showmanship:

Junior: 1st, Tanner Beam, We’re Growin’ & Showin’; 2nd, Gracelyn Lyon, Bubble Gum Gang; 3rd, William Lynch, Clever Clovers
Intermediate: 1st, McKenzie Kitchen, Gone Country; 2nd, Leila Kiser, Turnback; 3rd, William Borland, Hallsville Friendly Neighbors; 4th, Miles Blackstone, Elite Eagles; 5th, Lily Rose, Nutty Buddies
Senior: 1st, Brenden Naumovski, Clover Bees; 2nd, Ruth Beery, Ragged Ridge Ramblers; 3rd, Clayton Lynch, Clever Clovers; 4th, Meredith Robinson, Jr. Livestock Growers; 5th, Gabriel Lynch, Clever Clovers
Master: Brenden Naumovski, Clover Bees

Poultry Champions:

Grand Champion Production: Cliff Williams, Barnyard Buddies Reserve Champion Production: McKenzie Kitchen, Gone Country
Grand Champion Fancy: Mason Willis, Farmtastic 4-Hers. Reserve Champion Fancy: Miles Blackstone, Elite Eagles
Grand Champion Water Fowl: Ameris Cooper, Panther Power. Reserve Champion Water Fowl: Josie Barnes, Turnback
Grand Champion Turkey: McKenzie Kitchen, Gone Country. Reserve Champion Turkey: Kendra Detillion, Bubble Gum Gang

Goat Showmanship:

Class 1-Dairy Goat (Senior, Ages 15 and older) Division Champ: Keagan Stewart, Born in a Barn; 2nd, Grace Swepston, Clover Bees 4-H Club
Class 2-Dairy Goat (Intermediate, Ages 12-14) Division Champ: Addyson Stewart, Born in a Barn; 2nd, Sadie Swepston, Clover Bees 4-H Club
Dairy Goat Master Showman: Keagan Stewart, Born in a Barn
Class 3-Pygmy Goat Senior (Ages 15 and older): 1st, Keagan Smith, Clover Bees; 2nd, Kaitlyn Dickey, Born in a Barn; 3rd, Grace Jenkins, Bubble Gum Gang
Class 4-Pygmy Goat Intermediate (Ages 12-14): 1st, Isabel Link, We’re Growin’ & Showin’
Class 5-Pygmy Goat Junior (Ages 8-11): 1st, Hannah Johnson, P.V. Hustlers; 2nd, Hudson Williams, Clover Bees; 3rd, Hayley Crouch, Elite Eagles
Class 6-Pygmy Beginner (Ages 8-11, first year showing): 1st, Hailee Smith, P.V. Hustlers; 2nd, Sophia Williams, Clover Bees; 3rd, Noah Holton, Lucky Lopers; 4th, Addison Jenkins, Bubble Gum Gang
Pygmy Goat Master Showman: Kaitlyn Dickey, Born in a Barn
Classes 7 & 8-Meat Senior (Ages 15 and older): 1st, Bailey Brumfield, Tip of the County; 2nd, Hannah Crago, Buckskin Ramblers; 3rd, Jackson Crago, Buckskin Ramblers; 4th, Keegan Hall, Adena Hustlers; 5th, Garrett Britton, Jr. Livestock Growers; 6th, Brayden Harris, Peacemakers; 7th, Allisen Jones, Hare & Livestock Raisers; 8th, Madison Baxter, Hare & Livestock Raisers; 9th, Averi McFadden, Tip of the County; 10th; Abbi Stanforth, Tip of the County
Classes 9 & 10-Meat Intermediate (Ages 12-14): 1st, Rylee Elliott, Amazing Country Kids; 2nd, Macie Elliott, Amazing Country Kids; 3rd, Kailee Adkins, Clover Bees; 4th, Logan Miller, We Feed ‘Em Well; 5th, Olivia Harris, Peacemakers; 6th, Kaylee Drum, Hooves, Hares & Hens; 7th, Gavin Kingery, Elite Eagles; 8th, Bailey Paugh, P.V. Hustlers; 9th, Parker Bodary, We Feed Em Well; 10th, Tanner Paugh, P.V. Hustlers
Classes 11 & 12-Meat Junior (Ages 8-11): 1st, Claire Crago, Buckskin Ramblers; 2nd, Jillian Arthurs, Buckskin Ramblers; 3rd, Hailee Smith, P.V. Hustlers; 4th, Hudson Bush, Clarksburg Jolly Feeders; 5th, Ashton Thurman, Clarksburg Jolly Feeders; 6th, Carson McNeal, Blue Ribbon; 7th, Wynn Williams, Tip of the County; 8th, Hayley Crouch, Elite Eagles; 9th, Jackson McNeal, Blue Ribbon; 10th, Jayden Higgins, P.V. Hustlers
Classes 13 & 14-Meat Beginner (Ages 8-11 & first year showing): 1st, Olivia Stonerock, Nutty Buddies; 2nd, Adam Leeth, Barnyard Buddies; 3rd, Chloe Johnson, Boots N Bows; 4th, Jaiden Hollis, Clever Clovers; 5th, Gwen Pierce, Hooves, Hares & Hens; 6th, Mason Drum, Hooves, Hares & Hens; 7th, Rilee Adkins, Clover Bees; 8th, Zoie Dettwiller, Elite Eagles; 9th, Raegan Gilliland, Deerfield Happy Helpers; 10th, Kaylee McVicker, Elite Eagles; 11th, Alli McGuire, Elite Eagles
Meat Goat Master Showman: Bailey Brumfield, Tip of the County