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Camp Cattail Unveils Recent Improvements

Camp Cattail, 322 Cattail Road, Chillicothe, Ohio. Dan Ramey/Litter Media

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Improvements to the restrooms at Camp Cattail are now complete, thanks to grant funding for the camp for the developmentally disabled.

Improvements include:

Men’s side: 2 urinals, 1 stall that is ADA complaint, Women’s side: 2 stalls that are ADA compliant, new sinks, new showerheads/shower, and new roof/drop ceiling/new lighting.

New sink at Camp Cattail

Old sink at Camp Cattail

New shower

Old shower

Bathrooms are open open Thursday afternoons through weekend.

Ross County Board of D.D. Community Outreach Director Courtney Lewis said- “Camp Cattail was rewarded a grant from the Landrum Endowment Fund. This second annual grant round was designed to support nonprofit and public organizations serving those with developmental disabilities in Ross County by working across the areas of community advocacy, inclusion, and employment, while also supporting parents and families. Camp Cattail Inc. received funding to increase the accessibility and overall experience of its day camp programs, which engage children and adults with developmental disabilities in activities such as walking and fishing. Grant funding will allow the camp to update its restrooms to be more accessible and up-to-date.”

The Landrum Endowment Fund was created in 2016 after George Landrum, a lifelong resident of Ross County, left an endowment of $1.2 million to the Ross County Board of Developmental Disabilities, also known as the Pioneer Center. George’s brother, John Landrum, received over 30 years of service from the Pioneer Center.

Camp Cattail Board Member and Human Resources Director Brady Ratzlaff, said- “Last year in early February/March (2020), Camp Cattail updated the shelter house (roof, siding, gutters…etc.) prior to COVID-19. This project was funded by Camp Cattail through the Chillicothe Enduro Riders Club event, Camp’s Benefit fundraiser, and other donations in 2019.”

Ratzlaff continued- “In 2020, we were unable to have the yearly benefit in August due to COVID-19, so we sought out a grant from the Landrum fund to help update our bathrooms. The bathrooms had outdated toilets, plumbing, and the roof was in despair. We were awarded $25,000 from the Landrum grant for Steve Core with Core’s Quality Home Repairs to makeover the bathrooms. The total project cost was $28,014.14. The difference in the grant and project costs has been paid with funds raised in previous events in the community. The bathrooms are now easily accessible for individuals with disabilities. The project was completed just in time for our summer camps.”