Apply In Person For Controlled Beaver & Otter Trapping Permits

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(ODNR) – Beaver and river otter trapping permits on managed areas for the 2022-23 season will be issued via in-person lotteries on Saturday, October 8th, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Division of Wildlife.

Caption: Controlled beaver trapping permits are available
at in-person lotteries on Oct. 8. 

A permit is required to trap beaver and river otter on state managed areas, including wildlife areas, state parks, and state forests. A complete list of available trapping permits is available on the Controlled Hunting Access Lotteries page at Visit or call 1-800-WILDLIFE (1-800-945-3543) for more information about the lottery.
Drawings will occur at 12 p.m. at each Division of Wildlife district office. Office locations can be found at Trappers will be randomly drawn from submitted applications and successful applicants will be announced at that time. Each permittee may select one partner to accompany them for the duration of the season.
All applicants are required to possess a valid Ohio hunting license and fur taker permit. Beaver and river otter trapping lotteries are grouped by region; trappers may apply in only one district (central, northeast, northwest, southeast, southwest). Beaver and river otter trapping permits are valid from Dec. 26, 2022, to Feb. 28, 2023.